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  1. before I ever found this site, I went into a CA to get debt validation.. I had several employees behind a window yelling at me when I looked over and noticed there plaque, I made it a point of argument and couldn't believe they were a member!! I wanted to take it and run off, but instead looked them up and found they aren't a member.. today I recieve this email. Mr. *****, ***** is no longer a member to the Better Business Bureau. They were a member in the past so that is why they have a membership plaque. I will get in contact with the company about removing the plaque from their place of business. Thank you for the information. Thanks, ******* Director of Membership Services Better Business Bureau Serving Eastern Oklahoma I will get the real last laugh though if this is ever removed from my credit. I have one question, If they handed me an itemized bill with pictures, is this just as good as certified mail?? there were witneses as well.
  2. Now since it is tax season... I called to see about settling the account for a cheaper price.. to my suprise they offered to match my payment up to $2500 until april 15th.. I can't wait to pay this off! I hope it all works out.
  3. I'm confused when it says " PAYMENT INFORMATION When you order your free report here, you will begin your free trial membership in Experian Credit Manager. If you don’t cancel your membership within the 30 day trial period, you will be billed $9.95 for each month that you continue your membership. If you are not satisfied, you can cancel at any time to discontinue the membership and stop the monthly billing; however, you will not be eligible for a pro-rated refund of your current month’s paid membership fee. the last line sounds like you pay 9.95... I just cancelled my membership today, so I will soon find out if it really is a free credit score.
  4. I've been working on things for about 4 months now, When I applied for a home loan... suprise more things popped up.. for me it's like the game where you hammer the gopher. One CA tossed it to another and then I hammered them both.. unfortunately there was no $1000 prize.
  5. my inquiries aren't coming off that easily.. one came back asking for a written request by law enforcement or a supena... hmm That one is to the side of this mess right now. Another states they have me on phone log.. blah, a second effort is coming there way soon but I need to prioritize as well. I'll be sure to call next time too.. the inquiry letter talks about how I am sending this certified in the sample letters.. that's what threw me off. thanks.
  6. ha ha... no haven't seen that on usps.com yet.
  7. I have two fradulent checks that were written in 2004 on my CR. I disputed and they got moved to another company.. I sent the police report, and bank fraud case that was filed to clear it up, now they are sending it to the client... it shows these were paid off. although I may be at a resolution soon.. can I make some easy money in court? if so HOW EASY...
  8. I attempted to PFD but CA is saying since it's been validated... they cannot delete.. I am going to press a few more times for PFD but otherwise I would hate to pay for bad credit. any advice will help of course -there is no judgement but an FHA loan will require all debt paid.
  9. I disputed everything on it with certified mail..
  10. so when I settle an account my score might decrease?
  11. that's absolutely why, but I didn't do it in writing. lanlord tenant mentions a lot of writing and amounts of time before these things fall into play...
  12. The carpet was dirty but also molded out and ripped half way accross. I have a picture. maintenance tracked mud in several times.. but so did I and my dog (Mud Courtyard) I was an idiot for letting all this go. there were several other problems.. no water for days, roach infestation...and more. I'm not being sued, I told collections I wanted my day in court but they never pursued. ultimately this remains on my credit and now I want a home loan. I'm thinking I might try to settle with collections, I am responsible for some of this bil but not $1500 but also debating taking it to court? (small claims?) I've been told small claims will not injust a bill or something like that... Also my lawyer was legal aid -painting is a charge... also blinds and cabinet work that were never done. -the manager saw me days after but said nothing and there was no final walkthrough. there was no notice about a problem until the collections letter. -now they have new management
  13. I have poor credit but was able to finance a car, 6 months at a job was all it took... and with these slim guidelines I got ripped big on the price.. but what a low interest rate (compensates the price) hiking up the price and giving a low interest rate is win win for them only!! either way, I'm building credit and it runs good. they financed me 7k and took 1k off for trade in.
  14. An apartment states I owe them $1500 and has reported it to a CA. I disputed and recieved a lovely MS word itemizing charges as well as pictures. The White carpet was trashed, the courtyard was mainly mud they also ripped it up and tore it up during a flood which molded it out bad. The manager gave me a dog too, this didn't help. other charges included things they didn't actually replace and painting. Disputing with CB's comes back verified. I made another attempt for DV but no reply. it's been over a year now. a lawyer says that the case might go the wrong way and I should be practical. I tried to take the apartment to early settlement once. I am debating small claims, the lawyer says he's never heard of anyone going to court over this and in the end they can garnish my check. he suggests writting my side to the CB's and going from there. what does the board think?
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