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  1. Okay, looks like they are deleted off of MyFico under Inquiry but in TC they are still listed. hummmm....
  2. This is funny.. It does work... What I think is happening is, you dispute it, but TU comes back with a letter stating they are to stay for 2 years... However, if you give yourself about a week or two and check back, you'll notice they are gone. I got the letters everyone is talking about and just figured, oh well... But I just checked and they are gone. I disputed 2 about 2/3 weeks ago and just pulled my reports and it shows 0 inquires.. WOW, thanks!!
  3. GREAT JOB!! To get a pretty good mix, I got a gas card thrown in there... Chevron is pretty good and easy to get..
  4. If it's at myfico then it's good for 30 days... but you can view all three.
  5. Langley Federal Credit Union Was told by the Financial Rep that "we pull equifax exclusively".
  6. HAVOC... That's the same letter I got back from them...
  7. Tried and failed... Got my letter back today saying they stay for 2 years... I only disputed 2 inquires... Oh well... back to the drawing board.
  8. Here ya go... You can always do a search for whatever it is you're looking for. That's your best bet.
  9. I'm gonna give credit to Skyfox who originally posted it... Yes, it is a really good website, very helpful
  10. Thanks all for your help but I found it!! YAYY.. here it is... It was posted by Skyfox2020:everybodyclap:
  11. I thought so too... Either Merk or Skyfox, which is why I thought I saw it in the [who pulled credit] forum, but couldn't find it in there. Nor could I find it in [rebuilding after BK] but I know it was somewhere, lol.. Will book mark it when I can find it this time
  12. Thanks for the info. But the website I was looking for isn't like "whogavemecredit" or anything like that. It is actually a list of all credit cards, shows the interest rate and it also says something like... "people with scores of 630 and above would have a good chance" Something like that.. It was an awesome website but I just can't find it anywhere. I've seen it on here a few times but I'm having terrible luck with it. Thanks though
  13. Hey guys There used to be a link in here somewhere to a website about credit cards. It had the credit score or suggested credit score needed to apply. I have looked all over the Obtaining credit forums and Repair forums. If anyone can remember this link, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance
  14. What is the Italian coffee made from hot milk? Rover