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  1. Hey CIC Family, Has anyone had any experience with Ed Financial Services? Apparently,there was a gap in my forbearance with Ed Financial and they have reported several lates on my credit report during a period I was unemployed. and thought that the forbearance was still in effect My first GW letter as fallen on death ears. Any suggestions?
  2. I had a similar problem with Sprint and a CA. Get a letter or receipt showing you have paid the amount with Sprint. Send a copy of the payment letter to the collection agency requesting they delete. At the same time, dispute it with all three credit bureaus.... I found that the collection agency trade lines were removed.
  3. i settled a debt with a credit card company with a collection agency. Got a settlement letter and paid with a postal money order as advised by the site. When I pulled my credit report , instead of showing the account as " settled" it still showed the account as derogatory , showed a balance, and no notation od a settlement... how should I proceed? I do have a letter in hand that states it should be reported as settled
  4. no it does not show a zero balance
  5. Consider this scenario... my debt with HSBC was sold to a collection agency. But I could go to a local HSBC bank and pay my cc card directly with the orig creditor. if I could do this, would that give me the grounds to then dispute the collection agency listing on credit file as it was paid to the original creditor? Any thoughts guys?
  6. I would go to and look at there reviews of secured cards. Additionally, many credit unions offer secured cards at fare rates to their members.
  7. Recently, I was the victim of a near fatal car accident and was hospitalized for several weeks. During that time , my already late bills continued to pile up. Amex sent my a settlement letter during my hospitalization. Now that I am home, I would love to take advantage of it, but it has now past the expiration date ( by 6 weeks) and with a CA. Is it worth writing AMEX to see if they would honor the settlement and explain that I was in the hospital at the time? The CA has also written me with settlement offers , but the AMEX settlement included am option to regain membership. Any thoughts?
  8. Having been unemployment for over a year , i fell behind on my furniture payments. In December , I spoke to a Wells Fargo agent, paid the requested amount to bring the account to good standing... only to learn on a recent CR that the account had been already closed, a "settlement" had been enacted, and I have been making monthly payments on an account that was closed by the grantor! Here are my questions: Can a settlement be enacted without by consent and notification? Can I force Wells Fargo to pull the tape where I spoke to the agent you handled my transaction, who made no mentioned that this account was closed , and not in good standing, he just simply took a payment? ( I9 have agents name , and date of call)
  9. Unpaid newer tax liens lowers your credit score severely. However, paid released tax liens, while they lower your score, as they age, its detriment decreases.
  10. As Default Rates on Borrowing for Higher Education Rise, Some Borrowers See No Way Out; 'This Is Just Outrageous Now' When Michelle Bisutti, a 41-year-old family practitioner in Columbus, Ohio, finished medical school in 2003, her student-loan debt amounted to roughly $250,000. Since then, it has ballooned to $555,000. It is the result of her deferring loan payments while she completed her residency, default charges and relentlessly compounding interest rates. Among the charges: a single $53,870 fee for when her loan was turned over to a collection agency. The see full article, please go to the following link:
  11. I recently completed undergrad and have amassed over 70K in student loans, including private and federal loans. However, I am currently unemployed and will be unable to start repayments. I have applied for deferments of all my loans. My questions are: Can I consolidate my loans and then defer the single new loan due to unemployment? Anyone out there know I good resource where I can discuss with a human being my student loan consolidation options?
  12. Recently, I noticed a garnishment in recent paychecks. After some research , I determined the creditor was connected to my previous landlord. ( the debt in dispute in within SOL) Below are the steps I wish to take . Any thoughts CIC colleagues? 1 . Do an order to show cause do to lack of personal jurisdiction, perhaps ask for a traverse hearing, and nail the process server and reverse the judgement. 2. Dispute the amout owed My goal is to not have a judgement on my CR. I have worked really hard over the last two years to fix up my credit . This will ruin my abilities to secure student loans if this thing hits my CR. After this process has begun , can a judgement be withdrawn? Is it worth contacting the landlord and making an attempt to handle things amiciably? ( tried and failed in the past)
  13. Thanks for all the responses and encouragement . If I can be of help to anyone.......let me know .
  14. CIC crew , I started posting on this site about 2 years ago with the credit repair inquiries, ranging from legal procedures, credit repair, and dispute matters. Except for the some time rudeness of veteran posters, I have benefitted greatly from this site. I wanted to share with you that September 2006 I had a credit score below 600, no credit cards, judgements, liens - you name it - I had it! After 18-24 months of disputing , ligitation, corrections, self determination, free legal workshops, credit reports , etc. ect...I now have 3 credit cards, a credit score around 690-704, have rehabbed my student loans, enrolled in school to complete my education, and was just awarded an AMEx Blue card. All my outstanding debt has either been paid wisely, disputed , or is currently properly managed in accodance to my needs and current income. Guys , i want to thank all of you for your assistance. The purpose of this post is serve as testimony that the techniques on this site work...Just keep at it !! As credit becomes more of a crunch, its imperative you keep good credit fitness. Thanks .....
  15. Since my traverse hearing , I have been served AGAIN... same index number on a previously improperly served case. I now have a bench trial where i was going to ask that the case is dismssed due to the improper service. But now that i have been served properly, does that eliminated my plan to have the case dismissed based on the orginal serving? This latest summons and complaint is after SOL. But I am concerned that the SOL has been tolled due to the ongoing case. Can I seek to appeal the judge's original decision in the tranverse hearing and ask for an dismissal?