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  1. LOL...I do that all the time...the thing is what do you do when they are calling for someone who used to have the phone number you now have? I swear for the past 3 months my phone rings day and night for this Sandra woman. I dont even know a damn Sandra nor is my name Sandra and I tell them that constantly. The calls stop for a week and then they start all over again! I refuse to get a new number, but there must be a way I can make the calls stop. I tried to place a block on every single number that comes through on my caller id from CA's but they wont let me block the numbers! ARGGH!!!! Its bad enough when they hound you about your own debt, why the hell do I need to be hounded about another person's debt whom I don't even know of!
  2. Thanks Somewhere...I had read Dive's primer post before I wrote my thread. I just completed the necessary docs for bank to start the mortgage process and know they are gonna tell me to take care of that collection so I just wanted to figure out what leverage at all I could have with the ruthless CA. Blah. Thanks to Big and Nascar for your info as well! I'll let it lie for now.
  3. I am sure there is a post somewhere on the forum about this, but I've searched and searched and cannot find a related topic, so please bare with me. I have a collection for an apartment rental in California from 2004. I skipped my last rent payment as I relocated from Cali to LA. They took the $995 deposit and once it was all said and done managed to rack up charges that amount to another full month's rent ($1300). Long story short, its been a collection since August 05. Did DV etc., and they sent all the docs related to the $1300 including the bill for attorney's fee to file an unlawful detainer in court for default which was granted. Since October 06 I have been sending settlement offers to the CA with no response. I have been requesting to settle for 25% of the actual $1300 debt. A week ago (March 12, 2007), I get a letter from the CA as follows: "Pay Now and Save 40% for a limited time only. Our client agrees to accept 40% off the balance due as settlement in full! Offer expires March 29, 2007." Of course since I am in the process of buying my first home, I thought for a brief second that I should just go ahead and accept this offer so I can get it over and done with. HOWEVER...given the many months I've researched all the wonderful posts on this forum, I said NO...there has got to be a way for me to make this work in my favor not theres. I had been using the standard form letter on this site for debt settlement offers since October 06, again to no avail. Now all of a sudden the CA sends me their offer. Now to my question...Should I counter this offer from the CA? If I do counter, is there any particular lingo I should use? Of course I will include that they delete the collection or list it as "PAID"? I know Cali law is tricky and settling for less than the full amount could bite you if you dont state the proper thing in writing. Any advice would be greatly appreciated as always.
  4. Please prod! I'm thinking of applying for a loan rather than investing though. Either way it seems I might have found a way to get that small loan to assist with boosting my credit score.
  5. Ok so is the Prosper site legit cuz it sounds too good to be true also!!!
  6. Patelco declined me a few weeks ago! What kind of hoop jumping? Should I call them to discuss the declination?
  7. LOL..thanks for the info Gypsie...I knew it was too good to be true! Oh my gosh I just read the article! WHAT A RIP-OFF! Back to the drawing board. Does anyone know of a lender who would approve an unsecured $5K loan based on my below credit score? I have one collection (2005) and a current car loan (2006) - on time and a closed car loan (2004) with 2 payments 30 days late. I tried Crap One and they denied me for an unsecured loan of $5K. Any help would be appreciated!
  8. In my neverending search to secure an unsecured personal loan, low and behold this morning an advertisement appeared on tv for a group called "Cash Call" who provides personal loans in varying amounts regardless to bad credit. Of course I bit. I went to CashCall.com to check out the interest rates and the "fine print" . As I live in the state of Louisiana, the maximum loan amount I can get is $5,075. $75 is initially deducted as an "origination fee", so I'd really only get $5,000 upfront if I qualify. Ok that's not the crazy part. The crazy part is an assinine interest rate of 59.95% (and thats with "excellent" credit") . Possible loan repayment amount would be $254.03 over 84 months. They will pull your credit report and the amount you actually get (even if you qualify) will be dependent on how f'd up your credit really is. Bottom line is I need to know if anyone has heard about this group (there testimonials seem like a bunch of BULL!) and whether or not its worth it? I'm desparate but I dont want to do anything stupid considering I'm trying to get my credit back ON track not OFF track yet again! Thoughts?
  9. Props to you too LNY! Thanks for that synapsis. This whole thing is so tricky but I'm trying to learn all I can! I feel like I'm in college all over again! LOL!
  10. Patelco just denied me via email!!! Dear Applicant, Thank you for your interest in a Patelco loan product. Unfortunately, we are unable to approve your request at this time. You will receive a letter shortly that outlines the reason(s) for the decline. Thanks for choosing Patelco Credit Union. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us. Thank you, A wasted INQUIRY.
  11. I'll find out shortly as I just applied to Patelco for a Visa Classic requesting a $600 limit (yes they even ask you to tell them how much of a credit limit you want $300- $5,000) and I do have an open collection on my CR (May 2005). Will keep you posted!
  12. Thanks for the Patelco lead. I'm a native San Franciscan (relocated to Louisiana in 2004) and always knew about Patelco but didnt think I could do business with them here in the South! Thank God for the Internet!!! Will try and see if I can get a better line of credit from them!
  13. Direred, I just want to give you props! I've read many of your threads and responses to folks here and you really know your ****! Thanks for all the insight you have given, I know I become more and more empowered everyday! I am doing my best to read at least 10 threads a day trying to absorb all the knowledge I can! Keep up the good work!
  14. Thanks sr28b! Much appreciated! 7:06PM CST - GOOD NEWS...I hope! Just got a call from Capital One (never got a call before when applyin for a CC always got a declination letter) asking to verify income. Said I should have an answer within 7 to 10 days if I am approved. Keep your fingers crossed please!!! May not be the best card but in my eyes at least its a start!
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