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  1. Hey I have a question about the state licensing of collection agencies. What if they have not paid their license tax? Can I sue them to have their listing on my CR removed? I'm in Alabama (it's not as bad as it seems ) and so I went to the Dept. of Revenue's web page and found this: Scroll down to "Collection Agency"...under "Additional Notes" there is a note that says "Must have a presence in this state". However, page 78 of this document seems to imply that if an out of state collection agency has ANY agent (attorney on retainer, etc.) acting on their behalf in this state, then, by definition, the collection agency has a presence in this state and the tax is due... Hmmm....I wonder how I could find out if the tax has been paid by the collection agency? Thanks, FS
  2. Don't pay them outright! It will stay on your CR as a derogatory. You should negotiate a pay for delete (PFD). Do a search on here - many examples. I recently negotiated a PFD for my $16 collection FS
  3. I've never bought a home before, but I'm planning to do so later this year. Do funds in a money market count as "cash in the bank" when it comes to the mortgage application process? Thanks, FS
  4. My only guess is that it was my only late EVER with this account and it was 17 months ago....and the account is about 6 yrs old. So....I guess that lates that were once gone can come back? Doesn't the CRA need to notify me in writing before they do that? ....something like within 5 days ? Thanks, FS
  5. Hey this is a first for me.... I disputed some lates with Crapital One and WOW!! They deleted them from my TU and EX report! ...BUT...on EQ, my ENTIRE Crapital One listing is gone! It was there before with the 30 day late baddie. Has anyone else experienced this? Any ideas on how to get the listing back on EQ? Should I let my report lie low for a month or two? Note that this account is still open and current. Zero balance! Thanks, FS
  6. I just had this experience also....I DV'd Asset Acceptance after disputing with EQ and AA is now gone off of EQ. if it comes back without a notice, is that a 5 day violation? Thanks, FS
  7. Hi All, Using the techniques on this site, I have sent a PFD letter to an OC. They have responded in a seemingly positive manner. The interesting part of their letter (signed in ink on their letterhead by the CEO) states: "We will be happy to delete the charge-off from your credit file upon the payment of $XXX.XX" Should I take this as sufficient for a legal understanding that their tradeline will be removed from all 3 CRAs ? This is my first PFD and I wanted to make sure it was lock tight. Thanks, FS
  8. On EQ's online dispute, I claimed it as "not mine" Yes, this is my plan. As of last Friday, AA was no longer listed on my EQ report. AA never listed the account as in dispute with any CRA, EQ listed it as "disputed by consumer" or something similar. Thanks for the help, FS
  9. LOL and TC is NOT eager to be contacted via email: "Please call" FS
  10. Has anyone else noticed this? I print my report every day from TrueCredit. When I'm just looking at it, it has the report date and "available until" date. BUT, when I go to the "printer friendly" version (a formatted greyscale version with expanded account information), the report date is GONE Also, it doesn't really mean much (because it will be gone soon anyway), but TC reports a collection account as "delinquent in the last 30 days" if the CA drops a fresh report in.....even though the account in question is 6 years old. Bleh! FS (aka 3)
  11. The really funny thing is that Equicracks managed to get my name spelled PERFECTLY on the envelope containing the report....heck I'd be ok if they addressed it to "Dumbass" if the real data fields were correct! FS
  12. Wow - Thanks EarthAngel! You mean I can use this technique (coming in through TrueCredit) to look at my actual EX report every day? Thanks again, FS
  13. I wonder if the "Pay Status" section under Equifax that states ", or collection" is a VERY negative thing? This is an account with a Credit Union. Again, it's zero balance and it never went to collections. Is it dangerous to contact them and request they fix the Equifax entry? Do I risk having them review ALL of my reported accounts and reports to other CRAs ? Thanks, FS
  14. Just wondering - in the "them" above are you talking about TrueCredit? If so, how do you get this report number from TrueCredit and use that to access EX directly? Can you take a TrueCredit 3-in-1 report and use that to dispute online with any of the big 3? Thanks, FS