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  1. Experian really tough about getting things taken off of a credit report I had to fight them back and forth just to remove an account that did not belong to me and it took a while before they took it off while TU and EQ did their job. This site helped me a lot with debt validiation and clearing up wrong information on my report just keep researching what you need to it's scary but there are a lot of helpful people on here as well. Keep foraging ahead and eventually it will come off good luck
  2. Hi, Calvary is notorious for hiking the original debt. I would suggest you request an itemize statement of all charges which is required by law if they are allegedly collecting a debt and you might want to see if you can find an attorney who deals with suing scammers like them.
  3. Let the Dispute process begin, I would start them all at once so you can handle them one by one when it gets started. You'll find a lot of helpful information on this site and some very helpful people. Good Luck
  4. Yeah I would recommend NACA too, I'm in the process of starting their program went to their workshop on 9/29/12 and it was worth the 3 1/2 hours, atleast with them you won't get the run around and their there for the buyers and not the lender nor sellers. They specialize in revitalizing and subsiding communities so far it looks like a good program.
  5. Here how I handled my debt with verizon I negotiate to pay 50% of my bill mind you I had two with them because they are notorious for splitting bills this was for residence service and I sent them the form letter from this site. The agreement to pay for a delete I had it all in writing and they agreed and that was the end of it.
  6. Hi Yes, I recently signed up for quizzle because I had visited Quicken Loan and it was reccommend by them. However, my Experian score is lower than my other two and they brag on showing you how you can increase your score for a mere 29.99 its not happening. So It's just a waste of your money when you can get a fako score from and pay nothing although its runned by Transunion its freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee lol...
  7. You should re send a request for validation in writing to the attention of the president or ceo whoevers in charge of the credit dept. Than once you get their information send a agreement compromise and inform they you'll pay it in full for exchange for deletion don't ask them tell them the form is on this site. I had plenty of success with the form and have paid and gotten my debts deleted. or you can add you rather they report paid as agreed with no lates because if its an older account you want the long history of reporting if you have few accounts with a long history. Good luck with whatev
  8. Your welcom hope I helped you a little bit and you can do it have fun with it too
  9. Ok here another test since they own it now why don't you send them a compromise of agreement to pay and see if they'll take your offer to settle just a suggestion. So you can avoid going to court and it can be deleted off of your credit report. Suggestion say you owe 5000 counter offer them 2500 without admitting any guilt the form can be found on this site under the sample letters I used it have paid off quite a few accounts even some in full. But include in the wording that your requesting them to delete the accounts if its not listed on there. Or you can also send them another note requesti
  10. Yes, You do want to pull some of their cases and see what their working with and don't forget about looking for what type of defenses were used. Take notes or make copies that way you can refer back to them if you have any questions later on.
  11. Ok first things first breathe in and out ok now What is it that your are trying to do? Are you intending to research case laws than your best bet is to go to a law library but reading your post its would be another nightmare in itself believe me doing legal research is a nightmare in itself if your new to it. Heck I still hate doing research unless its an interesting case lol.. If your going to the courthouse to locate your case file than you just go to the window and ask the clerk if they can advise you on where to look for a case file each state and courthouse is set up differently when I we
  12. Hi the information provided on this site is accurate as to the sol per the state of california however if you choose to initiate a partial payment than you are restarting the sol on your debt. You could however write on each payment sent that the payment of this alleged debt does not consititute you re starting the sol over or if you resign a contract with them have that in the clause or just consult an attorney to have them interact on your behalf as a mediator for you.
  13. Thank you. I will I'm just trying to motivate myself to get started after fainting from seeing yours and others tutitution fees but, in the long run it will not only benefit me but others as well