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  1. I think it was all legal then because the judgment was filed in Virginia Beach VA which is where the original contract was signed. I happened to move to FL before they filed it never knew they were filing or got anything by mail...but I guess because it was filed in VA where it was signed, then it is ok even though I moved to FL before they filed and lived in FL when the court date took place. Right?
  2. Its about 60 Days Past Due and it has already been closed and sent to a collections agency and already on my credit report. The amount is 548.72...Redline Recovery Services, LLC is the collector. OC is HSBC..I mean I could probably pay them in like 4 payments.
  3. Yes it has gone to collections...they emergency ambulance company even sent him a bill...The place where he got the surgery was across the parking lot from the actual hospital where they had to take him to ICU...they said he could not walk because they had no transport oxygen thing that he could walk with...they charged him 400.00 for the ride across the parking lot..I HATE THEM..
  4. My friend just filed Chapter 7 and she wants me soon can she buy a car...since most car dealerships now work with people with bad credit no credit and bankruptcy. She is scared to call the car dealership and is ashamed of her situation. Do you guys think she can buy a car now she just a week ago finalized everything with the courts.... Please help her she is hopeless (so am I)
  5. Thanks for the quick responses can someone please please please help me with my other situations.
  6. My husband had got into a car accident a while back and racked up about 5000.00 in hospital bills some of those the hospital told him in ICU that he did not have to pay but sent him a bill anyway. The anesthesiologist messed up and pulled something out too quick and made his lungs collapse so instead of a simple hand surgery it turned into a almost dead experience... Anyway the hospital bills starting arriving about a year ago and we didnt have the time to dispute and call around about why they billed him after they said they would not so now we are just ready to pay them. The only thing on m
  7. I just got a new debt from a credit card company and I want to send them a letter saying that I will pay them a certain amount of money a month if they promise to put pay as agree on my credit report. How do I go about doing this, Ive seen some templates for other letters but nothing like what I am trying to do even though I know there are some letters out there somewhere. Can anyone help me with this issue...
  8. What does this mean. Collector must you in a county in which you lived when you signed the original contract for the debt or where you live at the time when they file the lawsuit Consumer protection afforded by the FDCPA FDCPA Section 811 (a) (2) $1,000 Also a good grounds for getting a judgment vacated There is a judgement on my credit report it was filed 1/2003 in Virginia. However I lived in FL when they did this...Is there anything I can do about this. I read the paragraph above on this site however I dont understand what that means... Please help