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  1. Thanks. I will try that approach tomorrow. I have been reading the other posts about PFD and it seems that many do not have success with it. If this is the case for me, then should I just pay it and have a paid collection on my credit report?
  2. Yes, 2005. And I don't want to hurt my score as I want to make a big credit purchase in the next year or so. But I know that this tradeline will not look good at all.
  3. Thank you both for your reply. Actually, the itemized list of charges were included. And honestly everything on it is legit. They aren't trying to screw me out of additionanl dollars. And this was in Georgia. I now live in TX.
  4. I started the DV process by disputing an old apartment debt that was passed to a collection agency (National Credit Systems, Inc) though the credit reporting agencies and sent the dispute and validate letter CMRRR to National Credit Systems, Inc. The CA validated the debt by sending the original lease from the apartment along with a letter. My question is should I try to settle the debt, ask for a pay for delete, etc? I thought I read on here that settling or paying a collection debt actually hurts the credit score rather than help. Thanks
  5. About 15-20 days ago (before I stumbled upon this site), I disputed with all 3 CRAs my adverse accounts online. When I receive the results, if they are verified, should I call them and dispute via phone or go straight to DV to OCs and CAs? Thanks in advance for your assistance.