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  1. My question is, I have $6,000 that I would like to utilize with my credit. My utilization is at about 40 %. I also have a Bank of America credit card with a $1000 max. Which option would increase my credit score, 1) pay down on my utilization or 2) increase my credit limit on the Bank of America credit card to $7,000
  2. Is bumping only applicable in true credit or can it be done in Identity Guard as well
  3. I just 3 months ago opened a barclays juniper card. Im looking into applying for the L.L. Bean card. Is it too soon to apply or is it ok to apply now thank you for your help
  4. what banks or card companies are the best to use as a joint user. I have searched on line and the Blue American Express offers this online. But when I searched for banks like BofA they offer other name on card. With this they don't ask for the other persons SS #. So how would this be reported to the others credit bureaus. any help would be appreciated
  5. I am debating cancelling my Orchard Card with a 300 limit. This company is awful. I was just approved for a Juniper Visa with a 10,000 limit. my question is. would it be wise to cancel Orchard and if I do will it hinder my credit score
  6. I have 5 derogs and they are all falling off in 2 months
  7. I started my repair this past January with a credit score of 525. The best credit card that I was able to obtain was Orchard and Legacy Visa. The limits at the time were just $300. Since this past July I have not checked my credit score. My score had climbed to 615 and this is where it gets amazing. I started to again applying for credit cards in September. I obtained a Hooters for $1000 and Bank of America for $1000. Just last week I applied for a Juniper Visa card and was told online that they needed to gather more info to process the application. Well today I opened my email to find out tha
  8. give me the direct link to the site. I have searched chase and came up with numerous sites and am unsure of which one thank you
  9. walmart true credit and true credit itself. I'm still looking for another alternative to privacy guard and am looking into these two. my only concern is I see many people are being kicked out of TC due to excessive use. thanks for your help
  10. am looking into purchasing another credit monitoring service. I currently have privacy guard but it only updates once a month. so I am thinking of true credit or another service. what other service other than TC does bumping work with ?
  11. if this is some kind of joke your humor is not welcome here. this is an adult site that provides adult credit info, and child like play should not be tolerated. now if I have mistaken this and you posted your true story in the wrong manner I will truly say I am sorry.
  12. when credit bureaus calculate your utilization do they do it on an individual card basis or combine all your cards them come up with a percentage ???? thanks
  13. for me its EQ that I am having a problem with deletions. since my journey began in jan. I have had a total of : TU 18 deletions EX 16 deletions EQ 09 deletions I have just 4 left on TU / 5 on EX / and 12 on EQ have no idea why I'm having troubles with them but I will continue and by this time next year I will be completed with all scores in the mid 700's right now !!! TU 669 EX 652 EQ 615
  14. yes these are FAKO scores and my new credit cards were open in Dec of 2006 with Hooters just opening 3 weeks ago. my credit was god awful when I began this process with 23 derogs on all 3 reports. I now have 5 on TU -- 7 on EX and 9 on EQ, so I guess I'm doing OK but was a tad dissapointed in the secured offer. I did not ask but I'm sure they could have turned me down completely. thanks for your help