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  1. No, they do NOT pull a report for opening a membership and checking account. Don't ask me how I know...but I just do
  2. CLI from JC Penney from 2350 to 2600 Both Hubby and I did not get CLI from Target.
  3. Just got another $75 increase from Walmart to bring my limit to $475 Started at $75...and that's all they will ever increase
  4. JCP gave me another $250 without asking. Seem to be the only one who does an auto CLI every 4 months for me
  5. DHand I both applied for Dell Preferred Credit back in March. I was approved for $2000 and DH for $1500. We used my credit to pay for an XPS 630i which had a 12month 0% interest. Only way I would have financed a computer at the time. DH's credit from Dell is still reporting as Open, so I don't think you should worry too much if you leave it for a few months.
  6. Burger King's poutine is HORRIBLE! Go to Harvey's if you want good fast food Poutine. I make my own at home...I bring home cans of St.Hubert poutine sauce, and cheese curds and it's good. I call it heart attack on a plate
  7. I have banked with RBC in Canada since I was about 7, and now have RBC Bank as well (it's great for transferring money back and forth). Unfortunately, I don't have a CC with them (yet). I do have one with RBC. I will probably wait until next year to go for it. If you do, good luck!
  8. I have a revolution card...APR is rediculous, and the only reason I have it is to put my Washington Capitals season ticket monthly payments on it so I can get a signed Capitals Jersey next season. Was VERY easy to get.
  9. According to someone on the other boards who works in the credit department for Macy's the 6-month increase is correct. Plus, they are doing CLD for those who don't use their card regularly. I got my 3 month increase just before they started doing the 6month. I'm at $3600...I hope it stays there!
  10. Still receiving CLIs from Macys, Walmart, and JCP (JCP was automatic)
  11. If all you really need is your address book from Outlook Express, you could create a new email address and import the .wab file from your old account into the new profile. Here, try this: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/270670 Also, here's an answer from Experts Exchange. As long as you still have all of your pop3 information to set up your email, just create a new identity and then follow the steps from the link above. Then delete your old identity, the one you cannot remember the password to. Here's a link to delete the identity: http://www.insideoutlookexpress.com/faqs/how.htm#delnopass
  12. Macy's you can request a GLI every 3 months (with on time payments) for the store card. For the Visa, every 6 months. You could call Macy's right now and ask if you are eligible for a GuideLine Increase. They usually just use their internal information for you.
  13. Right now I'm combo of IT and CSR. Basically, I take the geek speak that my boss tells our non-techy clients and turn them into normal english. While learning to do network management. My job before that (and my ideal eventual job after schooling) is archival/curatorial management at a museum.
  14. As A Canadian...THAT is Funny
  15. There's also the one where they are the waiters at the hip hop party "When you're a rock star, you get to party hard..."
  16. All that's missing is the last panel where the guys asks when he should expect his bonus
  17. Nice job! It seems in my area, the freecyclers are always requesting items rather than listing items. Oh well. Maybe I'll get a good deal like you did one day
  18. You can ask for a CLI every four months with Walmart (and I think every GEMB card). You can push the CLI button online or you can call in. When you call in it will ask you how much you want...which could limit whether you get the increase or not. Online, if they will give you one, they will tell you what your new limit will be, and if you want to accept it, or keep your current limit.
  19. I was able to get my measly $75 CLI from wally world. And Macy's gave me another $700 GLI.
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