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  1. I do understand, I think honestly it is more of a personal anguish that he and I are feeling right now. Is it fair?? NO but I understand that there is not much to be done about it. Obviously if we were to sue, it would only be if he left the company all together, i think right now things are a little fresh and we are jumping the gun here with our frustration. I really do thank you all for your advice. Hopefully this is one of those things that happens for a reason, I just don't know what that is at the time..... Thanks.
  2. He wasn't promised a raise, he already has been being paid the raise since September 2007 and now they want to cut his pay by $14,000/year. It is understandable that sometimes due to the economy new store openings get changed, but I just don't see how you can take away pay from an employee without any wrong doing by the employee?? A good friend of mine manages a body shop for a major car dealership, and if he ever wants to fire/demote someone he has to have first written them up at least 3 times, showing a trail of wrong doing. It seems like most of you think this is no big deal, maybe I am j
  3. Ok, in no way am i some sue happy liberal who is salivating at the mouth looking for some big payout... We are just really being rubbed the wrong way by this whole situation. This is a $14,000 pay cut he will be taking bye bye to our home we were going to buy this year, and for what????? I just thought that if a company was going to demote you they had to prove a downsizing or at least something that the employee had done wrong to deserve the demotion!! I'm not trying to look for something that isn't there just to sue and make a quick buck.
  4. I am hoping someone who reads my husbands and my situation can give me some advise as to whether we have any legal right to fight in our situation: Currently my husband works for a large corporation who offered him a promotion back in September 2007. The promotion was for him to begin managing a new store location that was set to begin operating in mid November. During the months leading up to the November opening of the store to which he was set to manage, he spent his days hiring/recruting/training employees. Only to be told 1 week before the stores opening that corporate had decided NOT to
  5. Thanks Lady- So if your me, you would sign your name and email address to the online form listed on the website of this firm filing a class action suit against NORTH SHORE AGENCY? Do you think there might be a negative side to me doing so? I'm such a Libra, i contemplate things too much!!! lol.
  6. This is a bit long, but I will try to keep it readable: About a month ago i got a letter in the mail from a collection agency called North Shore Agency stating that i owed $67.08 for a subscription to US Weekly. I know that I do not owe anything to them because my subscription was PAID IN FULL. I sent a letter to US Weekly to ask that they double check their records because I am confused as to why the turned me over to a CA when I do not owe them anything.??? US Weekly asked that I send them a copy of the letter I received from the CA. So I sent that to them. Us Weekly then replied to me wit
  7. I know this is an old thread but I thought I would post in here in case someone else runs into this again, I thought I'd let you know what worked for me. I received by mail a letter from North Shore Agency(collection agency) trying to collect on a $67 debt they state that I owed for an US Weekly subscription. I did have a Subscription with US Weekly over a year ago, which I paid for in full. So what I did was I emailed US Weekly to bring to their attention that I did pay for their services and would appreciate their assistance in getting this Collection Agency off my back. US Weekly resp
  8. Thanks for everyones input. I agree that we should find a lender/broker that will allow us to pay at closing. Do any of you have any suggestions of reputable brokers?