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  1. Thanks for the information. This website gave me the information I needed to know how to best tackle our situation. Everyone has been so helpful and I feel I have gained a sense of empowerment in our lives because of the info. on this site. Thank you again.
  2. Went to see an attorney today and paid them - will be finishing up chapter 13 paperwork next week in their office and then filing. I have not been answering my phone (debt collectors). Should I still avoid the phone until paperwork is filed next week or can I just answer and tell them I have retained an attorney and am currently in the process of filing BK? I forgot to ask my attorney - guess I was too nervous. Thank you.
  3. First post on internet ever - be kind. Hundreds of hours lurking on several forums though......DH was laid off in 12/06 but is going back to work in late April. Very small town and rural area - trying to find work to supplement until then but no luck yet. I work full time though. Usual mistakes made - no savings, etc - haven't paid on CC accounts since 12/06. Most cards are delinquent and ratejacked to max. CC's wont work with us regarding hardship, fees, deferred payments, etc even though I informed them immediately upon layoff. 3 accounts are $5200, $7300, $7200 (mostly fees and interest) and others are $2600 or less. WAMU and CapOne are large balances above. HSBC, CapOne, BP, and Conoco are smaller balances. We can start making payments in May. We have already closed the cards. We have each kept one small card current for rebuilding. No equity in house, no savings or funds for settlements, already trimmed budget to bare essentials, nothing to sell - but with income when DH goes back to work, should be able to pay all off in three years. Will they sue? Will they keep accounts and let us pay them? Any advice on getting the cc companies to work with us? Any special department I should contact. I have sent letters each and every month informing them of status and intent to repay and not file bankrupcty if they will work with us. I know you are suprised that none responded! We don't qualify for CH7 but do for CH13 but want to do this on our own and repay all in full. (lesson learned that way). Our credit score is not a major concern right now - just getting out of the hole we dug ourselves into. Any direction would be appreciated - not much out there on trying to get companies to work with you. Or is all hopeless and CH13 our only option? Debt management and CCCS monthly payments are too high (already inquired about each).