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  1. I have a collection letter from a place called Greneral revenue about ohio taxes due from years ago.. when this first happened I call stat of ohio and paid that day .. now this company send 2 letters first about 2 years ago. second today. in the letter it states "collection cost are included in total amount due". I DV'd them but never recieved a response, I dont have records as this was before I had a little knowlede.. How should I proceed . I didnt think they could charge to collect ? Also The return addess listed on the mail I got is : STATE OF OHIO OFFICE OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL PO BOX 165050 COLUMBUS OHIO 43216-5050
  2. CRA 666 devils drive hell undergound , everywhere DATE Certified mailxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx AccountXxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Joe Schmoe 123 1st main St Anywhere, state USA To whom this may concern I recently reviewed my credit report and found and error id like to dispute underthe fair credit reporting act it is in referance to account numberxxxxxxxxxxin the amount of $xxxxthis is not my account and I dispte the said account please review this Error and remove it from my report as it is not mine Thanks Joe Schmoe ALSO MAKE SURE YOU CHANGE THE FONT SIZE TO REDUCE IT A LITTLE.. DONT WANNA MAKE IT TO CLEAR SO THE COMPUTER CAN PICK IT UP.. NO BOLDS NO CAPTIALS. NO PERIODS
  3. I have had good success with this 3 entries deleted within days of sending letter. 1st get some Fancy background paper. I used American flag paper from That MAX place. with all the office supplies. 2 Use Script writing. no spaces between paragraph make sure int bunched up . 3 Use the lightest font color you can without making NON readable with the human eye. 4. Don't just say reference this account XXXXXXX i dispute it. this will confuse the computer and they will have to manually look up the account and manually call the CA.. I did this 3 times and had a 2 deleted ASAP the 3rd took the full 30 days.
  4. the 30 days were up on the 4th of dec. can I now DV the CA with a new letter.. do they have to respond
  5. I sent a dispute to the CRA- equifax Thay did not respond within the 30 day time frame, but the CA sent a dunning letter. I havent heard from the ca in almost 2 years how should I handle this ?
  6. they wont sign a letter cause they wont delete it from your CR upon payment. They are trying to convince you to pay... All they want is their money they dont give a hoot about your CR
  7. Make sure to DV them. But If I am coerrect if it is over 7 yrs old they can not report it. but they may be able to sue
  8. Can a collection Agency report like this Reporting a purchased Junk Debt as an Installment account. Asset is reporting a debt like this
  9. where would you start Old address / Name varations ? Inquries ?
  10. Once you deal with these items, then I’d say you can work on the inquires. Or if your credit report is fairly clean, but you have a ton of inquiries (more than 10), then I’d say a little effort towards removing them is a good idea.
  11. I don't know where to begin Multiple mutiple Medical collections. 1 CC charge off HSBC 2 Judgments Paid Sky bank mortage lates (bank closed) . 45 Inquries Total. all 3 CRA ????? (She dont Apply for credit cause, she dont have it ) I think I should start by disputing all Old addresses. then move to quash the 22 Inquries from a used car place.
  12. I only have a 5 late pays on 2 CC. in the last 2 yrs And 2 Medical collection Accounts total on both of 130. And a 13 BK that wont get removed Besides Id like to get some inquries off my report that I didnt authorize
  13. I have read th threads most of the Afternoon. I Tried The EQ method for 2. Is this a good letter.. Dear CRA, I have recently reviewed my CR and found several attempts to gain credit in my name . Since I personally know that I wouldn't qualify for a loan, I suspect my ID may have been compromised. Please remove the following inq**** that I didn't authorize. Respectfully John B goode ABC credit def credit ghi Credit jkl credit
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