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  1. In April 2015 I received a debt settlement letter from Synchrony bank to pay off my account for 1/3rd of the balance. I was in a bad spot financially so I jumped on the offer. The offer letter said I had to contact them by a certain date which I did. I spoke to a rep who gave me instructions to send a check along with a copy of the settlement letter via CMRRR which was done. Synchrony received my check but never processed it because they signed for it 2 days PAST the date to contact them on the settlement letter. They claim since they received it past the settlement date on the letter it w
  2. Here is what I found for NJ 12A:9-406. Discharge of Account Debtor; Notification of Assignment; Identification and Proof of Assignment; Restrictions on Assignment of Accounts, Chattel Paper, Payment Intangibles, and Promissory Notes Ineffective. (a) Discharge of account debtor; effect of notification. Subject to subsections ( through (i), an account debtor on an account, chattel paper, or a payment intangible may discharge its obligation by paying the assignor until, but not after, the account debtor receives a notification, authenticated by the assignor or the assignee, that the amount d
  3. Where can I find out if adebt collector is licensed to collect in my state (NJ)? Thanks
  4. Hello, I've been searching but cannot find a definative answer to NJ's SOL - some sites say it is 6 years, some same 3 years for credit cards... anyone have a link to an OFFICIAL site that I could print and take to court? N.J.S.A.12A: 3-118 ??? Thanks
  5. the $12.00 is the smallest issue it is the 65 day wait... anyone have any thoughts if having an attorney handle this in court is a good idea? Although it seems pretty cut and dry to me the law can be tricky - also I have been reading up on SOL and it appears this particular debt has a DOLA date of 2002-in NJ the cc SOL is 3 years so I should also be able to use that as a part of the "defense" correct?
  6. Is a computer purchase from Dell A "goods" purchase?
  7. I am confused about the SOL on credit cards in NJ. One website says 6 years another says 3 years..... how do I contact the CRA's by phone to get definative DOFD for the accounts that show up on my CR? ANy help would be appreciated...
  8. contacted the company who issued the money orders - they are kept on file for 5 years only and you have to pay $12.00 and wait 65 days minimum and IF the info is available they will send it to you..... Isn't the burden of proof on the CA who is suing me to prove the other CA did not pay the debt? I tried to contact the CA I paid and the phone # is disconnected, I checked to see if they were listed on D&B - they are - with the same contact information..... even if this CA had to change business name and address for whatever reason is there anyway to find out if they are doing business unde
  9. Outrageous! The CA who issued the summons has called twice without leaving a message so I called the CA that issued the summons as they told me last week to call and see if everything was "verified" with their client. I believe it is important to maintain a calm tone with these idiots because they are just that; idiots! While speaking with CA rep he stated he "could not read the fax" and "nowhere does it say there is a zero balance-did you get a zero balance letter"? "You have to get us something more concrete than this - we are proceeding with collection in court". I have not told this CA t
  10. Thanks for the reply-I have contacted the CA twice by phone and they cannot tell me when the paperwork will be "verified" and refuse to even tell me what the next steps in their process is so after spending many hours reading this forum I will absolutley follow up with sending in an "answer" letter to the court, hopefully this will stop this CA in his tracks. Now.. any suggestions on if I should continue to contact the CA to get some sort of concrete proof that this debt is completely paid and then start the arduant process of correcting the credit reports or should I expect to see more "cour
  11. I have copies of the money orders
  12. I contacted the court and found out it is indeed a valid summons along with information from the clerk on how to file the "answer form" online! Which I will immediately do after writing this reply... thanks again
  13. I do have the letter sent to me by the CA offering me the "settlement amount" - they reduced the debt by about 20% provided I paid it within a 60 day time frame I think so that is what I did - I just have never received a letter from the CA saying anything like "ok, we got your payment and the records will be updated" - do you think I still have a leg to stand on with this one? The company still shows up on Dunn & Bradstreet !?! I know, no legal advice.... any opinions are welcome Thanks
  14. I paid a CA a settlement on a cc acct (department store account) in 2002. Several letters were sent to ca to get a "letter of satisfied debt" becaue I recently started getting letters from different ca's and even a summons but have found the ca I paid is out of business... where do I go from here? Thanks
  15. By answering the complaint does that mean contacting the court?