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  1. Been about a month since I first disputed with equifax and experian. I checked equifax today and 2 got knocked off - 2 still pending. Its my first successfull steps down the road - kicks a$$ to see its working! Now I should just sign up to be able to check my scores so I can see the effects my efforts have on them.
  2. Is keeping money in my one (and only) bank account unsafe? When I lost my job and medical bills and credit card bills started going unpaid and things started getting ugly, I got in the habit of not keeping any money my bank account. I feared there was a way for `them` to see I had money and come after it. I got a little less concerned as time went on, but now that I'm actively working with CRAs and sending DVs (`waking sleeping giants`), AND I have a good chunk of change coming from tax returns - should I go back to keeping my funds in cash only at the bank of JayJohnson & Glock? Just curious if CA's or attorneys have a way (or right) to see (even guess) how much money I have in the bank - and might sue if they think it's their last chance to get a piece of me.
  3. Thanks - care to share any advice on how begging worked for you? I'm guessing a phone call and a smooth tongue would work better than a letter...
  4. Thanks for the input everyone. The DOLA is listed as 12/2002, which is actually correct. Looks like I'll send a DV and dispute with the CRAs. If they can verify, and I can make a good deal with them (taking into consideration they paid pennies,) even if I can get them to sumit a TL paid in full - wouldn't that still be listed as a collection (aka bad.) AND - if I do pay, will that make the DOLA become current. I guess what I'm wondering is if the only way I should pay them anything is if they will completely remove the TL - otherwise it's best to let the SOL run out. Does that make sense? (I'm new to this - obviously.)
  5. Before I had any idea what I was doing in reparing my credit (besides, `I'm going to have to pay all these debts`) - I made a deal with the one CA that was still sending letters, with an increasing amount each time. I wanted to stop this one from getting huge and it wasn't much (2,300) - so I called and made a deal. I paid 300 over the phone, and agreed to 150 a month. They sent a written form of the agreement for me to sign and I did. Now - I've made one payment for 250 (I plain on paying it off sooner than I agreed, to avoid interest) - but I realize now that I'll still be stuck with a negative TL when its paid off. Any suggestions besides me just calling and asking nicely that they remove the TL when its paid?
  6. I just started down the road to fix my credit. Got my reports and have come to terms with where I'm at. (about 23k minus student loans, 5 COs (2 settled), 3 CAs) My biggest negative on my CRs is with a CA (Financial Recovery Services.) Original creditor was Citibank but they no longer appear on my reports. The amount they show I owe is $8595. From what I can tell, the amount I charged was around $6,500 and this account is going up monthly. They show on at least one report as a `factoring company account.` So - I got an offer with three options. A) Pay in full, Settled in full $4298, C) Settled in 3 payments totaling - $5587 I was going to call and offer to pay $4298 if they remove the TL from my report. It seems like a good deal and I'm prepared to have to pay back my debts to fix my credit. Of course I don't want to get screwed either, and I do have a number of other debts that four grand would help with. Should I work out a deal while their offer is on the table? Or should I start from the begining and dispute all my negatives and start sending DVs?