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  1. I wouldn't consider that as proper validation even if you knew it came from the people you DV'd, which you don't. Very werid.
  2. Didn't this used to be sticky? Not required, but you can always ask. Usually the CAs don't know the law anyway.
  3. Are you dealing with the original creditor (OC) or a collection agency (CA)?
  4. Ncop is probably a code for themselves - NCO Portfolio Management. They've purchased the debt - they are a junk debt buyer you can read a lot about on the internets. Try budhibbs.com.
  5. You can't DV an OC. Or at least it doesn't have any impact, only a CA has to respond to a DV, and by respond, they can just stop active attempts to collect.
  6. My best guess is someone got a settlement from a CA but with a non-disclosure agreement.
  7. I have this card, which goes back to 2001. I have a TL for a card I am an AU on, which goes back to 1992. I have student loan TLs. All are good, never lates. The only negative on my report is a CA trying to collect an alleged debt from 2000. I am in the process of DVing this right now. My highest FICO is 700 on Equifax. I haven't bought my numbers from the other CRAs. Right now I am carrying a balance of ~ $4,000 on the above card and I'm paying ~ $600 off a month.
  8. OK. That's the advice I thought I'd get. I am doing well paying it off and should have it payed in about 6 months at the current rate. I don't have any hard inquiries showing.
  9. I have a credit card with a CL of $13,000. Great, right? No, because the APR on this card is absolutely terrible. The worst. I don't know if it came with that APR when I got it as a younger, more naive lookinup, or if I did something to shoot it higher during my time with the card (though I don't have anything derogitory on my CRAs stemming from this card.) They refuse to lower my rate. I tried for another card in the hopes of transfering my balance and paying it off (something I've buckled down and am making very good process on, despite the ridiculous APR). I was denied though I have "good" scores (650-700 range). Part of that may be one old CA account I'm working on getting off my CRs. But I'm wondering if the high CL on my current card is part of the problem. I've heard that CC don't want to give you too much credit in fear that if you have all that available room on your cards, you might go on an orgiastic shopping spree and then fail to pay it all off. So should I and can I ask for a credit line decrease on that card? Or will this just hurt my scores (utilization) and not help get another card? Or do I just suck it up and continue to pay this card off? Get rid of the CA TL and apply for another card? The card is a BofA Visa and it is the only card I have, so I'll be keeping it even after I pay it off because I need the TL.
  10. OK, I think we read this backward, or I did at first. You're saying that they sued you in NoCal where you now live, and you're wondering if the CA from SoCal will bother to come all the way up there? I think we read it as they were suing you in SoCal and making you go all the way down there. My guess is yes, someone will show up from the CA in this case.
  11. And whatever you do, don't tell anyone you're dealing with that you are wanting to buy a house. You may think this will make them sympathize or take pity on you, but really it's like walking into a car dealership and saying "I have to have a car today, can't wait! So, what kind of deal can you make me?"
  12. I know it's not a lot of money, but I guess if it were me I would still start from the position that this is fraud, he didn't write the check and you're not paying it. I just wouldn't want to start the precedent of paying something that wasn't mine. What if more stuff from the same person shows up?
  13. I'd feel better with an actual letter signed by somebody. Are they refusing to do this, or is time a factor, or?
  14. Start keeping records of everything if you haven't already done so. Note the day and time and the gist of these phone calls. Did they say they were a debt collector? Get the number from caller ID if your family has it. It sounds like these guys are racking up some violations you can use as leverage. For example, they can only call third parties for the purpose of locating you. Since they've already called you, they know where you are, so they don't need to call anyone else to find out. They are harrassing you. Don't get upset, get mad and get ready to fight back.
  15. Are any of those already past the SOL? (Remember not to get SOL and the 7.5 year reporting period confused; they are two different things). If you have some that are past SOL, you can't really lose anything by trying to knock it off your report; if a CA starts bothering you, you tell them it is past SOL and they can FOAD. If they try to sue you, you have SOL as a defense.
  16. You can try disputing the ones you've already paid with the CRAs. Whoever you paid may not have the records or the inclination to verify and maybe they'll get deleted. As for the unpaid ones, I don't see any advantage to paying any that are past SOL for your state. You don't say what those accounts are or what state you are in, so investigate the SOL for those accounts in your state. (I'm guessing Texas from what you said about other success.) Who validated the debts? The CAs or the CRAs when you disputed? What I mean is, did you send DV letters to the CAs or did you dispute with the CRAs (or both)? I don't know what a RE letter is, but I'm still a noob so probably someone who knows more will be along shortly. There are some very knowledgeable and helpful people on here...
  17. Possibly this is just a collection agency using a lawyer or lawyer's name to try to scare you into paying. Give more details about what we are talking about here. What kind of debt is it, when was the last activity on the account, what is the name of the collection agency and the law office? Have they given you any proof that you owe what they say and that you owe it to them?
  18. You can find form letters on this site (click "debt validation" at the top of the forum), but I have been told by the veterans on this site that you are better off just saying "I dispute this debt." Instead of all the mumbo jumbo in the form letters. I'm guessing if the first CA folded after DV, there probably isn't verification available and this one will fold too. But that doesn't mean they won't sell it again.
  19. What kind of debts are they? Credit cards or something else? That makes a difference for SOL. You need to dispute the listings on your CRs. Then if the CA verifies them with the CRAs without telling them the lines have been disputed, that's where they've gone wrong. Even if it comes to suing, you won't have to do it all at once. You can break these down into manageable chunks. Don't let it overwhelm you. I really doubt you will have awakened a whole cadre of CAs to come after you. Even if some do now, you still have rights, don't panic. Read on here and follow all the great advice. No. 1 being stay off the phone, if they call you, tell them to send you a letter and hang up.
  20. Have you been served or is the creditor just making it sound like you're about to be sued by telling you they're "assigning it to an attorney."
  21. Hey, I don't have any experience in this area other than trying to digest these forums over the last month or so. But my advice would be to read, read, read in this and the other forums in here while waiting for more learned responses to your thread. And don't freak out too much, from what I've read, you've still got a number of options. What I am saying is if it were me, I would take this seriously but I wouldn't immediately cough up a bunch of money to the CA. That's what they want you to do when they serve you, but you have rights and options, so check 'em out fully. Go to this thread: http://www.debt-consolidation-credit-repair-service.com/forums/showthread.php?t=242744 Copy and paste the questions into a response to this thread and answer them to the best of your knowledge, this will help people answer you.
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