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  1. I figured that would get someone's attention.
  2. Hello, I'm a newbie but I swear I have looked around the stickied threads and the rest of the site. My situation: A CA has appeared on one of my credit reports related to a phone bill from about 6 years ago (even though "medical/health care" is listed as the creditor classification on the credit report ). I haven't heard a peep by phone or mail from this CA. None of the harrassment or what have you that people complain about. It just appeared sometime in the year since I last checked my reports. It seems I should start by sending this CA a request for a debt validation? Then just follow the steps outlined in some of the stickies and using the letter templates provided on this site (hopefully getting everything cleared off the credit reports if I pay up). But then I believe I saw on here somewhere not to contact a CA if they haven't come after you at all. (Don't wake a sleeping giant, etc.) Or does the appearance on my credit report constitute them coming after me? Assuming the debt is really owed and knowing that it just appeared fairly recently on my credit report, should I bother disputing with the CBs? The debt is of an amount I can afford to pay, I am more interested in the least negative outcome as far as my credit report goes, ie, negotiating that nothing negative appears. The company is called "Inovision, Marlin Company" btw. Google provides this fluffy pr story: http://www.medclr.com/na_030709.htm Which includes this Makes them sound so reasonable, though I get the impression that people round these parts aren't so hep on trusting CAs. Elsewhere on these boards it seems Inovision does not have a good name. Another article notes that this company usually buys debt that has already gone through some other CA, but again, I haven't heard about this debt from any CA. If anyone has any advice, thanks. If not or if I am missing a totally obvious thread or posting, sorry for wasting your time (I am a bit afraid of harsh responses after reading some of the stickies and just knowing how annoying newbs can be when one knows the ins and outs of something, but I really have done my best to educate myself on what is a new subject for me and just want to get a plan of action together.)
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