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  1. I just got a call today from a Joseph Mann and Creed (law firm) about a debt from 2003. Anybody heard of them? not a whole lot of info out there on the web.. but found this: http://800notes.com/Phone.aspx/1-216-588-1139/2 Do they put inquiries on your CR? Do they report to the CRA's? Do they follow thru with threatened law suits? any info would be appreciated thanks
  2. What a great site.... it's amazing how the credit card companies are legally allowed to rape you. What I learned was: 1. Never, ever be late. The minute any bill arrives, immediately send in a payment, period! 2. Pay double or even triple the 'minimum' payment every month. Only pay the 'minimum' if you are in a crunch. 3. Keep the outstanding balances low, or pay it off. Knowledge is Power.... again awesome site! Thanks Hiblues, that was a great show too.
  3. I don't mean to be mean or anything... but why don't you just call and ask them? I'm sure they would give you better info than the conjecture you would get from people here... Don't get me wrong... the people here give great advice... let me restate that .. awesome advice. but nobody here has a crystal ball. There is no harm in you calling WAMU and asking, "hey i was wondering about a CL increase.. could you do a soft pull on my CR because I don't want a hard inq showing on my CR." The Guch
  4. Tell me about it. It good to hear that I am not the only only making complaints. There is strength in numbers and we need more squeaky wheels.
  5. Thanks chilton1... that is good to know, so they still release a CR? but I'm still curious how long does it take EX to lift the FA?
  6. I know I can place a Fraud Alert (FA) on EX and then request my inquiries to be deleted.. the question is... The standard FA stays on 90 days... I can I request that it be removed, I know that, but I'm wondering how long does it take them to remove the FA? a couple days? a couple of weeks? I'm curious because I need to apply for something in 45 days and want to have it removed in time for that application.
  7. Oh they are totally within there right to sue ... I was just wondering if I should /could do anything with this violation. Now that I think about it more, maybe I should just pay it and and sue after the fact for either a delete or (the cash if I get a PFD)
  8. No it was not timely...., I just followed the steps on the Primer... except instead of just saying "I dispute".. I followed up with a very good reason. Anyway.... what do you think I should do? Negotiate a PFD with that $1000 off? I'm stuck.
  9. I have a a CA coming after me for $8000. but I have them recently violating the law... they verified a debt I disputed.- PRIMER BABY! Ok, so I plan on getting a few more violations to strengthen my case.. but the law says I can sue $1000 per action... even if I get 20 violations I can still only get the $1000. This is an older debt, 2 years old... I want this off my CR but a $1000 potential fine is hardly much leverage. So, what would you do with this violation?... if you were me... what would you do? I don't want to be overly aggressive as that may provoke them to sue prematurely... I'm in a dilemma... HELP
  10. I really like that addition to the letter.. I'll be adding that to all my correspondence with CA's... just one more violation to get them on. Some may claim that it's unenforceable, but I always prefer a judge to decide what is legal or enforceable. and send an ITS anyway. For me, the CA has ALWAYS done as I requested (so far) and I've never had to go to court yet.... like Dive says, going to court is a crap shoot... the CA's know this, so they capitulate instead of fighting. That's been my experience so far..... CA's are good at suing, not so good at getting sued!
  11. I know what I 'should' have done now. but that doesn't change what I did do. This was a while back.. before finding this board. I don't need a scolding... I need to know what may or may not happen if I take this to court. I thought I did my research, was given misinformation. I did at least try to be informed. Anyway, As it stands now, I plan on taking this to Small Claims Court. Besides that, RE checks are not enforceable when a dollar amount is being disputed, this is not a dollar amount dispute and may be covered under a different area of the law that I don't know about. I'll let a judge decide the enforceability of my claim. Also, my hope is that the CA will just delete it and not go to court, because, like like they say 'court is a crap shoot'. So.... is the worse case scenario? .... that I pay their court fees... hhhmmmm, I'll risk it... I want this OFF - it's that only baddie on my CR. Oh, and just for the record.. the CA is in Wash State, so Cali's RE laws may not apply. In fact, maybe someone here could tell me who's laws apply. The State where I live, or the State they do business?
  12. Quick Question... I searched but could not find answer. : If I did a RE check ( paid the account in full) RE was to delete the TL. If CA does not delete, I sue in SCC for breach of contract. Lets say for argument sake that RE checks are UNenforceable in my State (but I don't know that so I file suit ) What can the CA do? What repercussions? I am gambling that the CA will not want to go to court to defend a PIF account, so they will just delete to get me out of their hair. Thoughts???
  13. I just read this on the internet and wanted to know if this is accurate information.... What are the chances of a lawsuit and Judgment? Getting sued is dependent on many factors and is becoming more commonplace as more and more debt is going to collections. Recently JDB have been using the Small Claims Court as a legal “feeding tough” for getting judgments. If you are served with legal documents specifying a particular court, hearing date, etc., you should see a qualified attorney immediately. At a minimum you need to show up. If the debt still belongs to the original creditor, and the CA is working the account on commissions to collect, than the CA cannot file a lawsuit. However, if the balance is large, the debtor is being resistant, and if there are indications that the debtor has vulnerable assets, the CA may send the account back to the OC with a recommendation to sue. Each creditor has its own criteria for the decision. Collection agencies tend to avoid sending too many accounts back to the OC, since it suggests that they aren't very good at collecting. Also, letters and phone calls are much less expensive than going to court. If an agency has bought a debt, than they have the ability to sue. Collectors tend to focus on fear and intimidation, since those things can work much more quickly, cheaply, and efficiently than legal action. The first thing you may want to find out, “Is the CA on commissions or have they bought the debt?” That would be a good indicator as to your chances of getting sued, at least in the short term. Is this accurate? also, how would you find this info out?
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