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  1. Sorry if this has been asked and answered a thousand times, and it probably has been. I'm pressed for time and currently don't have the resources to search in more depth. A close friend is currently 60 days late on a vehicle loan. She has the money to bring the account current, which she's going to do today, however.. she received a voice mail from an "investigator" claiming to be seeking a "Search and Seizure" for concealment of mortgage collateral. 1) Does a judge have to issue a warrant for the Sheriff to serve a "Search and Seizure" 2) I know a lender can accelerate a loan when you are late but what happens if you bring the account current? Can they still require the full payoff balance? Thanks in advance! BJS
  2. Hellow everyone out there, it's been awhile since I last posted due to my new job. To top it all off, I have a seriously broken arm which required reconstructive surgery. Anyway, I have a friend in AZ that is in default on an auto loan due yo medical reasons. He's now able to catch the payments up, and intends to, however he just received a note for a repo guy on his garage door saying he knows the car is in the garage and included a copy of this AZ statute http://www.azleg.state.az.us/ars/13/01813.htm He has not received anything certified and from what I read, if he brings the account out of default the repo man can do nothing. Do you knowledgable people agree?
  3. Hello, A close friend of mine is looking to file bankruptcy. He and his wife used to make just over 200k a year before he was laid off. He is now employed again after nearly a year and the combined income is now about 115k a year. The problem is that they acquired bills before he was laid off that are now too much to pay with their current income. He saw a BK attorney that told him that his income makes him ineligible to file Chapter 7 and that he must file 13. I am trying to help him figure out his disposable income, however, none of the calculators I have found include calculations for unsecured debt. I'm wondering if there is anyway that he can claim Ch. 7 even with their combined income? This is for AZ. Thanks, BJS BTW: I did do a quick search but was unable to really get down into it. Please excuse me if this has been answered a trillion times.
  4. My brother was told today by a BK attorney that if you filed and they have been due for greater than 2 then you can discharge them. If you never filed them, you are screwed.
  5. LMFAO!!! Where are you working, the Stone Quarry with Fred Flinstone? hehehe BTW, I bet the second after you disconnect all of their problems went away.. right?
  6. HAHAHA! Thanks everyone! That's a better welcome back than my wife gave me after being gone for 2 months! Hmmm.. now I'm disturbed... virtualrn, yeah, it's about time for me to do that. I just haven't had the time yet, heck, I'm still pressed for time to write up a few threads about what's going on to date! Soon, VirtualRN, soon..
  7. PFD is the only way to go if you are going to pay at all. A paid CO or bad debt is no better than an unpaid one as far as the CRA scoring model is concerned. As a matter of fact, your score may drop if you make any payments because the DOLA may be updated and make the debt look newer. The debt will drop off from the DOFD and will not be affected by when you actually paid it off. Medical debts are generally considered goods and services and have a different SOL than contract or open accounts. Medical debts normally fall under the UCC and usually have shorter SOL. Same goes for utility bills, cable, phone, checks and etc (however, your state may have a specific bad check program that can stick you longer). IMO i would never pay off any debt that is not going to to help your credit situation unless I'm avoiding a judgment. I know some people are going to think that's wrong, but that's just me. Of course, there are other situations where I might pay.
  8. I agree, deny until they can prove it. A piece of paper saying you owed on behalf of X OC means nothing!
  9. TTiggers is right, however, I wouldn't give up on getting the JDB's that no longer own the debt to remove. If you harass them enough, they may delete just to get you out of their hair.
  10. AK should be banned for NOT shaking his a$$ at me!
  11. that's right.. this could be dangerous! Amerikaner, are lovebug, Dive, Recoverying, SAW, etc still around?
  12. I don't know what thier problem is, but they have hit a $7!t storm with me! I just purchased a house recently and between them and a couple other violators, I could use a few $$$.
  13. CJ is a good starter, but be careful with them! I have 90+ days late on my CR right from them b/c they have POOR RECORD keeping! I purchased a <$30.00 braclet from them and paid off about half the day I purchased. At the end of the month, I paid off the other half. I get a phone call about a month later saying that I was delinquent and if I didn't pay something like $40 (late fees plus the remaining balance) they would report me to the CRA's. I was out of town and didn't feel like fooling with it so I paid it. A month later I get another call saying I owed another $55 bucks! I told them to piss off and go over there records again. They reported me 30 days later. I disputed it, they updated 60 days late, I disputed directly with them, they reported 90 days late. I'm just letting them rack it up before I go after them hardcore but to date, I've paid over $100 bucks on some cheap a&#036;&#036; jewelry and they are reporting me late! They will die hard once I decide that they've racked up enough inaccurate reporting!
  14. My old company did that.. I just accessed thru a proxy.. there are some free ones out there too.
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