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  1. Thanks for the info. I am still checking all my options. If I can settle with them for a small amount I will, but otherwise I won't have this hanging over my head for long. I won't post to much specific info because I know that those scumbags watch these boards for info they can use against us if we give out any info that links us to them they would watch everything we say.Maybe I give them to much credit in the intelligence department, but I don't want to screw things up. Thanks for all your help, now and in the future.
  2. I spoke to the CA. Very dumb, but per your advice, no more. The only thing we discussed was a possible settlement and why I was late paying. Does this validate the debt on my part by admitting I knew what they were talking about? Thanks
  3. Thanks for the info. Yes, I spoke to the CA (dumb) we only talked about a possible settlement, which they declined my offer. I would not give them any other info at all. I have not recieved any correspondence by mail at all yet. Do they have to notify me if they are simply assigned and not the owner?
  4. I have a CC dept of 20k+ that is at a CA. I am trying to protect myself if they sue me. I have a couple cars that are not worth much in my name, my name is not on the home my wife and I own,I am self employed for one year and the bussiness lost 10K. Also my name is not on any bank acct except the bussiness acct that usually does not have but 1k in it.I don't mind losing the cars in a judgment, and I don't think they can garnish my wages(?). What is the worst case (also the norm) of what can happen? I am thinking that somewhere in time, they will want to settle for less, either before or after they sue. Am I right to think that a judgement is better than BK? I am in Florida.Thanks
  5. I have a CC that was charged off the end of Dec. and am now getting calls from a CA. Does anyone know how long it takes for it to show up on my credit report who now owns the account or if they are just assisting the OC ? Thanks
  6. Thanks for the info. You guys (and gals) are great.I will check on that in a few days. Will probably take awhile for it to show up.
  7. Does anyone know exactly who/what encore/rmi is? They said they are under contract with chase to collect, but they didn't seem to have much "real" info. Chase said this debt would be charged off in dec. (6 mos. old). In Feb. rmi starts calling. Sounds like they just got this account to me.Are they a separate company or do they work for the OC's?
  8. Retmar, when you wrote "Plus, if no written is received, the DV, sent by CMRR, of course, would clearly demonstrate to the CA that initial contact by phone was made, not letter. It basically puts them on notice as to their screw up. Remember, the time period for them to be in compliance had passed, so unable to "create" compliance". Could you explain this further? I am not sure I understand how to keep them from covering their tracks of non compliance. Thanks
  9. Thanks divemedic. I went to that site, and the people in the pic didn't look anything like I expected. No horns,pitch forks,forked tongue, ect.
  10. Thanks again for the continued help. I have skimmed over the FDCPA already, but per your advice will read it completely tomorrow.The phone number I get to call them is 866 472 8761. Does anyone know where it comes from/address?
  11. The CA name is encore receivable management Inc. I have not been notified by mail yet, only by phone for a few days now.So do they have to contact me by mail as of their intent to file and/or collect?
  12. Yes, I can see where not talking to them would be good. They record everything. And as far as the DV, I already discussed the settlement offer with the CA that I had with the OC (that the OC declined). So I guess that admits the debt. So STAY OFF THE PHONE. I get it now. Late, but get it. Can they just get a judgement, or can they seize assets and sell?
  13. Thanks for the fast responses. I know what account they are refering to, and I was told by the OC that it would be charged off the end of Dec. Now I have these clowns calling. Maybe threatening to sue was a bit stong, but they definately keep stressing "do you want to take care of this out of court or not?". So am I correct to understand that now that the OC has charged it off that the CA (RMI) can't sue or get any type of judgement ? (florida)
  14. Hello to all. First, great site, very helpful. I got my first call from a CA representing a credit card debt and they threatened to sue me for non-payment.I don't know who they were, aparently they just aquired the account.Do they have to notify me in writing of the debt or of their intent, or will I find my assets gone and bank account seized first? Sorry if this was previously asked, but after hours of reading through posts, I haven't made a dent in the info available. Thanks for your help.