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  1. AMAZING sent lisa and mike an e-mail on 3-20-07 checked yesterday and pooof TL gone I dont think they like getting sued for being IDOT'S
  2. I have NCO reporting and verifing a debt that was in a BK from 04. Sent Lisa and Mike an e-mail informing them of there violations I all so e-mailed the PA AG. They have removed 1 TL to date AFTER a e-mail to AG.I dont deal with there B.S Anymore
  3. LadynRed, In 2004 I filed a BK and when going though my Credit Reports last couple of weeks I found that many of the the CA,s had not shown as IIB after disputing, many were just Deleted. But one CA was reporting to TU only and not as IIB after I disputed with them they now are showing on EX as paid,THEY were not there pre-Dispute. Have they violated they BK stay and if so, what should I do now Thanks for your time Status: Paid,Closed/Collection account. Date Opened: 09/2001 Type:Collection Credit Limit:$175 Date of Status: 03/2007 Terms: 1 Months High Balance: NA Reported Since: 03/2007 Monthly Payment: $0 Recent Balance: NA Last Reported Date: 03/2007 Responsibility:Individual Recent Payment:NA Your Statement: NA Account History: Collection as of Mar 2007
  4. Yes it does show on our CR.We dischaged our BK in Aug 2004 I check this month and was supprised at how many creditors were still showing balances very few IIB when we dissputed with TU they sent us a letter requesting our schedules and statement plus a copy of discharge.
  5. I read some where In the forums why you should not send them to the CRA,S TU has asked for mine and I dont know If I should send them or not.Any info would sure be great Thanks
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