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  1. I'm getting gastric bypass next year. Can't wait.
  2. A box of what is still left over from Thanksgiving is on your way...!
  3. I'm "Larry" by my Dad because he had no sons. My sister Michelle is "Mike."
  4. You are doing the right thing, for HIM. I believe that whole heartedly. Take some time off that afternoon for family and remembrance/grief session.
  5. Ha! Mockingbird and Airline, specifically. *sigh* I didn't see him. I am not an idiot. I would have not turned if I had seen him. He wasn't there, he was so far back I couldn't see him, clearly he crossed that distance because of his speeding. Well, I hope at the very least it's a draw. But it burns my buttons that he can drive like a maniac and not have to be responsible for it. *edit: I checked report. Other guy is listed as vehicle number one. Hope that helps me even slightly... Exact words of report: I just noticed: contributing factors: Unit 2 "37: Failed to yeild, turning left." F#$!#$!#$@#CCCKKKKK You turn left, you are automatically at fault. I'm going to make sure I speed up and slam into as many left-turn cars I can to make me some money. I need a drink...
  6. No tickets were issued in the accident. The cops made NO assumption of guilt - the accident report was neutral 'one car hit the other'. I'm not hurt. I'm not trying to get any money. I'm trying to get my car repaired (or totaled) by the other guy's insurance. Doc - what about the guy's speeding - will that not put him at fault? And what about the fact that I was in the intersection and if I didn't make my left I would be blocking the crossing traffic when the light finished changing?
  7. $#!!$^**&%#$$@@!!!!! I can't catch a break and just stay ... steady ... and normal ... for a while! Ok, legal gurus - and armchair accident lawyers - I need an opinion on my chances: Scene: Highland Park, a hoity-toity old-school rich area in the heart of Dallas. Million dollar homes. Small streets, construction. 30 mile an hour posted speed limit. Traffic light, two lanes each direction, with a small left turn lane, but NO "arrow" - you have to yield to oncoming traffic to turn left. I'm in left turn lane. Traffic everywhere. I inch into intersection, looks like my only chance to make a left is at the yellow (which is like so many streets in Texas). Light turns yellow, traffic clears, I make my move. Young gun 19 year old rich guy in BMW floors it to beat the red, smashes into my passenger rear quarter panel, smashing the body into the tire, and bending the axle so the tire is completely crooked and immobile. He smashes his bumper and headlight. Although there are TONS of witnesses, NO ONE comes forward to help or offer to be a witness. He said/she said situation on the status of the light at the time of the accident. However, I'm hoping that the amount of damage will prove he was definitely speeding. How can you do more damage than a scratch and dent if you are traveling under 30 miles per hour and slow down when you see something ahead of you? I'm positive he didn't see me until we hit. He NEVER slowed down. Am I screwed?
  8. Hmm..wonder if this has anything to do with the stinky codpiece...?
  9. I haven't seen Admin around, I hope someone let's her know about the article and link, etc. I want her to understand how important this place she built is to me.
  10. Thou caluminous reeling-ripe codpiece!
  11. I also had hair combs (the kind you kept in your hair behind your winged bangs) that had the leather and feathers.
  12. I'm trying to decide if it would be handy to get you on my side or if I should avoid at all costs bumping into you in real life...
  13. ****shameless post whoring**** Vote for my reputation by clicking the icon in my first post! (I want some little green boxes.) ***now back to the thread topic*** I just go a letter directly from the CEO of Palm Harbor Homes apologizing and telling me he used my letter at a training session of regional vice presidents recently. I still didn't get a free house out of it or anything, though. Think I can sell the letter on ebay??