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  1. Just as DH's credit was looking great I see a TL concerning a private institution student loan debt on his CR. He was on scholarship in the late 80's and went to a satellite campus for a class and his main school was supposed to pay for it via that scholarship. So, this "loan" is from the late 80's. He has called to no one knows anything and the school isn't part of the main institution any longer. Can you dispute a private student loan? I realize there is no SOL on federal SL debt, but is there on private? It seems really odd that is suddenly comes to light 20 years later. Thanks for any help you can give.
  2. Im glad I wandered in this forum to browse! This is a great article. TY for posting it.
  3. We currently have an attorney dealing with another case. I wonder if he would be interested in this too, but I dont think he will be unless we can sue them for violations like we are the other collection agency. Thanks for the suggestion.
  4. It is not on CR as of last month. We disputed with one company and sent them a DV letter. They immediately sold the account to these people in NY who seem to think the OC name is validation. I honestly dont want to CD them and take a chance on getting another hassle on dealing with a delete, etc on CR--sigh! Thanks for your ideas!
  5. It's most certainly out of SOL, but will a C&D letter assure it wont be put on his CR? I want this settled, not just lingering out there, know what I mean?
  6. THIS NEEDS TO BE MOVED TO THE DEBT VALIDATION FORUM. SORRY ABOUT THAT! My hubby has been hassled by a collection agency from NY about a Jeep that was sold with a clear title in 1996--yes 1996. This has come out of the blue W/I the past 2 months. They mailed a letter requesting payment, I sent a DV letter. They send back a letter with the OC name, the original account number and the collection agencies account number. They say this is all they have to provide via law and since they validated if this is not paid it will go on DH's CR and possibly sued for it---they say the delinquency is 700.00, but will be willing to accept half. ROTFL So, any suggestions as to what to do next?
  7. She started the SOL over again. are not clear. Is she being sued or does she have a judgement? 10 percent interest is excellent.
  8. OMG isnt that nuts??? My SIL is a vet and they keep small dogs and cats in their freezer--but at a vet clinic....but this story---is just too much! Can you imagine being the one to find them? E-Gads!
  9. DH has 3 listings by AFNI. Once disputed they come back with the name and address of OC and says that is the only validation they need to provide. They do not respond to 2nd DV's, but it is listed as disputed on DH's CR.
  10. Part of my DH's job is to monitor where employees at his business are surfing. The poor guy has to go and talk to them after he sees it--and I know he lets some of it go and doesn't say anything until the hits become frequent. He says its hard to look people in the eye after knowing what their "thing" is.
  11. Good for you --thanks for sharing!
  12. From what I have heard BOA is an exception to this "rule".
  13. For real? Does it show the deposit included in the available balance? I'd be switching banks. Even though it rarely gets so low it would matter if we bought groceries or something but you never know what you would need immediate funds for. Before my DH and I were married he had a BOA account. Im not real fond of any bank, but WAMU hasn't been too bad for us.