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  1. The suggestions I've made actually work. I think you should try it before you knock it. How about a wager for the cost of the postage.
  2. IIbI am not arguing with you, I am trying make suggestions to help the OP.
  3. You'll enjoy this article. It Identifies all the weaknesses that you're, however the private right of action does exist. would you be willing to try to do things a little bit differently and see what happens?
  4. No, not as important as improving your credit score. Prove me wrong in a way that's actually meaningful. Try this method, by fully following directions as given, and see what happens. This exchange isn't accomplishing anything for me or the original poster. Playing Gotcha doesn't help anyone.
  5. a Is that what you care about here? Whether I am quoting the law incorrectly? For the price of 2 or 3 cmrrr, I think this could help you.
  6. § 623 - 15 U.S.C. § 1681s-2 8 E.iii says that they are required to respond we can keep going back and forth or you can give it another try and prove me wrong
  7. The law requires that the credit furnisher respond to the specific dispute.
  8. file a complaint with a federal regulating agency. This is not a reasonable response. Look would you be willing to try the 623 method on your OC's?
  9. If you dispute the information they have to investigate. if you can show proof how the balance is different than $5000 then they have to correct it or delete.
  10. The law states that furnisher has to make a reasonable effort to investigate the dispute. (E) Duty of person after receiving notice of dispute. After receiving a notice of dispute from a consumer pursuant to subparagraph (D), the person that provided the information in dispute to a consumer reporting agency shall – (i) conduct an investigation with respect to the disputed information; (ii) review all relevant information provided by the consumer with the notice; (iii) complete such person’s investigation of the dispute and report the results of the investigation to the consumer before the ex
  11. How many deletions, and how many non deletions? Are you saying that you have not contacted the credit furnishers?
  12. They can't provide information to the CRA that they refuse to provide to the consumer. That how a real MOV works and why I think that it is part of the 623 method .