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  1. Ok this is the second topic you have posted about Bank of America. or first. so let me just ask a couple questions. Did a collection agency contact you about a debt to BoA, or are you trying to work on a negative BoA tradeline? (the collection agency may put BoA on their letterhead) Because the answers are different.
  2. I disagree. it seems like the op asked for records of the account that produced the tradeline. I would file a complaint with the
  3. the next step is to send a Method of Verification letter to the CRAs. you send a copy of the green RR and ask how did you verifiy this account when my letters have no response? Also file a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. This has worked for me many times. An intent to sue is not that intimidating to BOA. Ask an attorney to reveiw the case, and then decide about a lawsuit.
  4. well, have you tried opening the file in Word perfect? let me know how mangled it is. As far as Avery goes, this is a USPS form, so Avery does not have it as far as i know. But Avery does have clear address stickers. I used them before I made this template. Does that help ?
  5. The links were broken for a few weeks, and i didn't realize. they are fixed now
  6. in theory facebook wants your real name and they will close/delete fake accounts but in reality they can't What do you think about USPS online?
  7. until all newspapers are dead, I am not sure it is a necessity to use facebook. I am a po at a juvenile court. I serve summonses and use social media. I send messages on facebook to runaways. I have said come in or sh*t will get serious but thats not's service.
  8. I think they tried this with Facebook because it requires your "real name". But of course that is relative. I don't electronic service can go through a comercial enterprise. But you know the USPS already offers online mail hold. It might just their next level to offer "electronic delivery" to people between addresses. but other than that I think newspapers are more fair (even if no one reads them)
  10. Right, but since this would be a complaint/623, I am will to bet you can get some movement.
  11. The allegation to your AG is that they are using your credit report to blackmail you into paying something that they could never prove in court. And they avoided going to court by not giving you any notice in writing of the alleged owed debt. something else you can look up is about landlord laws in your state. When I confronted a new landlord about a dirty bathroom and kitchen, they pointed out that the law doesn't require cleaning more than broom swept. The only cleaning they can charge you for is removing trash (in MA) . the longer you were in the apartment the harder it is to prove that any damage is not wear and tear.
  12. I don't know how federal law interprets "high balance", because it is mostly BS as we all know. It isn't illegal to make mistakes, it is illegal not to respond to requests for verification and correction.
  13. I agree with the other posters, that it probably won't be a big deal but I do have a creative suggestion that might help. I would file a complaint with the AG's office. Do you have any pictures of the old apartments? This would contradict the the records that the complex provided.
  14. it has nothing to do with how you dispute. it is 45 days if you are disputing tradelines from a free annual report. 30 days if you got your report another way. it is federal law
  15. an honest credit repair company won't tell you anything you can't do for your self. tell me some things. what state do you live in? Did you get your free annual credit reports?
  16. yes, student loans have to be worked out. They will come after your tax return. I was able to rehab mine and it is a positive account now. I don't think you can pfd a student loan though.
  17. But what does it mean? that you skipped town?
  18. You can dispute in writing or over the phone.
  19. the amount of TLs is fine but the dispute takes 30-45 days depending on whether it was an annual report or not.
  20. Skip? i have never seen that on a report. I would try a very goodwill ish 623 (don't mention law 623) and state that it is inaccurate. is the account open or closed? it could be listed as account closed by credit grantor. I had an account like this with BofA
  21. Sending out pay for delete letters is NOT the first step. first delete old addresses on your credit report. Wait for answer Dispute negative accounts wait for answer I had $1500 in collections disappear after dispute never to return. come back here and describe the accounts. Depending on timing or state, you can send a 623 letter or maybe a DV, and get an idea whether they have actually records of your debt. PFD works best if the CA makes the first settlement offer (IMHO).
  22. it means that after you dispute something on your credit report that is verified, you are entitled to see the records that the CRA used to verify your information. it is in my links too
  23. you need to give us some more information. what is on your credit report?