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  1. I am against it because I think it is fake. I'm not saying it never works but the large companies that do it have a formula and their motivation is helping themselves not you. lately, I think it is working because the banks are the ones that need some goodwill. It has come to light, the enormous amount of money they make when people "catch up" on a delinquent account. (fees and penalty interest) And this letter aside, I have seen several "goodwill" letters posted that were actually very polite 623 requests. The letter would have this detailed explanation of how the delinquency was not their fault and would the bank fix it as a favor. the truth is if you notify them of a mistake and they can't prove otherwise, they are obliged to fix it. but the op deserves the good result. congrats!
  2. make sure you send all the DV letters now as they need to get in before 30 days
  3. you would put it in credit article of the week. Mods will delete if it isn't appropriate. PM a mod if you think it is borderline.
  4. the thing is I have had a couple disputes with vz over the years and they never put the debt on my report. Even before I knew how to respond to collections. there is a federal 2 year SOL on telecommunications. this is one year so that doesn't help. if you can settle this before it gets to your report, that would be best.
  5. what is on your credit report? Is this Vz home or mobile?
  6. This is wrong. to justify reporting it late, they must notify you. waiving the balance implies responsibility on their part. file a complaint with the OCC and/or CFPB. Send chase a copy of the complaint. explain that chase credited the so called late amount and has refused to provide proof that they sent you a bill for it.
  7. yes, please. I am a big opponent to goodwill but I must admit great results when i see it.
  8. yeah, uh no. look, the mortgage people don't care about fairness or paying what you deserve to pay. any debt on your report, they will ask you to just pay it. that's why it is best to fix this stuff before you are closing. so if the op is closing then just pay and get them to acknowledge the payment asap. so it would help to know what stage of "home buying" the op is at. I hope this post wasn't too snarky, long day two glasses of wine
  9. You can send a 623 dispute directly to HSBC, ask them for riecords
  10. yes, you can dispute this debt with the credit bureau. I would point out that you contacted the tradeline without response and include a copy of cmrrr. however, even if they drop it, it could be 30-45 days. you don't usually have that much time if you have made an offer on a house. thats why mortgage co pressure people to pay off any debt, valid or no. If you are just getting pre-approved then you have time to get this done. Also, it seems like you were negligently overcharged but might owe some reasonable amount. Cable and phone company debts are famous for popping up over and over.
  11. It seems like they are trying to see if you are unsophisticated enough to think updated=deleted I would send another letter stating that the settlement depends on the deletion and you need a yes or no. what is the SOL?
  12. I need some specifics to respond to. How many tradelines are there? is the item that is coming close to the drop off date a judgment? Settling can work but you should try to include deletion in the settlement.
  13. stop disputing with the CRA and dispute directly with the trade line furnisher. who is it?
  14. Which creditor replied? I don't what coding the file is. That's not how I get this done.
  15. Did you send the letter to the creditor by CMRRR? which creditor did not reply? this is significant may help you get this deleted. if they don't reply to your inquiries, they can't report (623)
  16. the SOL in Illinois is 5 years. Telecommunication bills have a federal SOL of 2 years. Does the credit report show who the original creditor is? You need to ask for records showing that this is your debt. I would write the collection agency by CMRRR asking for records of this debt
  17. What are the dates on these listings? what state do you live in? what type debts what do you mean by erroneous? Id theft?
  18. The reason dispute letters don't work is that Credit Bureau's only check to see if they are reporting the information as it was sent to them. they do not investigate beyond that. If you read up on the law, you will see that real liability for accuracy falls on the trade-line furnish-er that reports to the CRA. each line on your credit report is sent by an original creditor or a collection agency. So you ask about deleting collections. I am guessing from your posts that these are collections that are already listed on your posts and first contact is well beyond 30 days. So I will skip the DV stuff but let me know if you want that. Collection agencies can be nasty to deal with but because they bought the debt for a small percentage of what is owed, they are more likely to be flexible about settling. You need to find out if they own the debt, the age of the debt and what records are available to prove this debt in court. the age matters because many states have statues of limitations on debt that is shorter than the 7 year reporting period. So the quickest way to get something off your report from a collection agency is to negotiate a "pay for delete". Most of the time you can get a collection to settle for less than the full debt but getting them to delete is more challenging. They collection agency must own the debt and you need it to be authorized by the person that controls reporting to e-oscar. So you would need a letter on letter head from the collection agency stating that the item will satisfied and the trade line deleted upon receipt of x amount. While this is faster, it is not instantaneous. Short-cuts will make things worse.
  19. some people do it over the phone but the best way is to write a letter to each credit bureau. State which info should be deleted.
  20. did a bank draw up this loan? they would have to have a record.
  21. I believe that she can only collect money that was documented to be paid out. and it can not be some random interest rate. It would be on the loan documents And each so called payment would be a separate argument. The impression you gave before was that it was a private mortgage. if this was done at a local bank, then there should be clear record of the disbursement and the loan papers that you can request. So has anyone used the term reverse mortgage?
  22. done is done. Everyone disputes bad accounts first and then researches the process later, me included. don't worry about it.
  23. when you wait 9 years to point out that you didn't receive the 175k then maybe yes, maybe no.
  24. I don't think you are a drug dealer, people are just getting frustrated with your story. you don't really want advice but, here's some. stop referring to the mortgage as "pretend". Whatever the other parties were doing, that is you committing fraud. Signing a contract that you do not intend to fulfill is fraud. I am not saying that this broker or your mother that matter are innocent but telling anyone that you thought it was pretend is not a defense. As far as being a minor goes, it doesn't mean much in this case. Saying that you were not competent to buy the home originally doesn't protect you from the mortgage you signed as an adult. The value of real estate has changed dramatically since 02. It is clear that this is about the money whether or not you understand it.
  25. It was confusing both times you said it. why was the lawyer advising your mother? You bought the house with your money. your mother signed nothing. Ok, this is what I got. when you were 17, a real estate broker gave you 50k for love. you bought a home worth about 90k, it is no ones business what the price of the home was or where the rest of the money came from. When you were 18, you signed a private mortgage contract for 175k with previously mentioned broker and made your mother a tenant of the home for life. during the next year you did not pay insurance on the home (as required by a mortgage) or real estate taxes (also required) for secret reasons. The broker paid the taxes. from 2003 to now you did not make any payments on the mortgage. for lack of saying otherwise, i assume you are now paying the insurance and taxes. During this time you did not receive 175k from the lien holder. You never expected to receive 175k, because the mortgage was pretend. You have been silent on whether the broker agreed to pretend that you were paying it back. And now the broker is foreclosing because 8 years ago they paid the real estate tax.