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  1. A mortgage contract is a loan. Who or How was the 175k supposed to be payed? If you weren't supposed to pay anything, then who was? Why did a lawyer advise your mother against you buying the home in 02? Did she have to sign anything that day? If the reason she is foreclosing is that she paid the taxes for a year back in 03 then the why is critical.
  2. a mortgage is loan. who or how was 175k supposed to be paid back? the full price of the home does matter. why do you keep saying it doesn't? Having the balance paid with mystery $ won't work. 50k love gift is mysterious enough. you don't have to give these answers but it doesn't make sense to ask people for advice (read agree with you) and not tell the whole story.
  3. ok, all this talk about title is confusing. I am the homeowner of my condo but I have never seen a "title", and I believe the actually deed is held by leinholder until the mortgage is paid. It makes sense that the OP would have a title or deed in their name as the home was owned by the OP in 02 without any mortgage. Since OP is already grumpy with me, so I will ask what everyone wants to ask. Why did this broker give you 50k, and pay the taxes for a year? I don't mean to buy the house, I mean what was her motive in giving you all this money? What was the reason she gave at the time? What was the full price of the home when you bought it in 02? Where the balance of the money came from will matter in court, and I would like to fill in some blanks in my understanding. when you signed the mortgage for 175k, when or how were supposed to get the 175k you borrowed? Clearly, you haven't gotten all of it even if you count the 50k gift and the 5k or so given to your family. this is what i got from wikipedia A life estate is a concept used in common law and statutory law to designate the ownership of land for the duration of a person's life. In legal terms it is an estate in real property that ends at death when there is a "reversion" to the original owner. The owner of a life estate is called a "life tenant". And she is foreclosing on the mortgage because you did not pay the insurance, or taxes for one year? Why did this happen? Because you didn't know about these bills? If you have been paying these bill since that first year, I am not sure that the home can be foreclosed on. How did the broker end up paying the taxes?
  4. Yes, that is the traditional method. 1. Clean ID info 2. Dispute tradelines with CRA 3. Dispute tradelines with creditors
  5. Am I the only one that thinks it is crazy to go forward without counsel? This is not a Pro Se situation. sit down with a mortgage fraud attorney. there are options around payment. If you win the case, costs can be applied to the other party. But even if you don't, this is your home. I work in a court house, and it is crazy to me how often people put their freedom, their kids or their home on the line because they think paying an attorney is impossible. Its not. I would tell this story to the AG and speak to a attorney.
  6. what do you mean by fraudulent conveyance? and what does buying stocks have to do with anything? if the CA owns the debt, they can sue. A payment agreement would be interpreted as acknowledgement of the debt and so would support any civil case against you.
  7. first get the non current addresses and employment off your report. I would focus on really fighting it out with one or two at a time. But I think it is ok to go ahead and dispute all 6 after you remove the old ID info. Some things will come off easily. Then you know where you need to focus
  8. Assigning a case to a collection agency does not mean they are serious about suing. The collection agency can earn a percentage if you pay. Collection Agencies will general sell a debt rather than sue. And they seek collection on many accounts that have no viable civil case. I had a collection agency that represented themselves as Fleet bank on my credit report and over caller id. that's what I meant by checking the number
  9. you can stop payment on the check. I think the best way to make progress here is to go to the court house and read this file.
  10. my understanding is that all sales are banned. and selling will get you banned. and I am not naive enough to believe that every book recommended wouldn't bring a profit to the recommender. But if the link can't be traced I guess you'd be safe. But if you want to sell something I think you can buy an ad here.
  11. Delivery is tracked online but there is no signature
  12. Drei, you must go to court. even if you cut a settlement, you could easily get stabbed in the back if you fail to attend the hearing. What is the problem with that? a warrant, child support? this happens to a lot of people. I would consult an attorney if it is that kind of problem. It is fixable.
  13. yes, CMRRR makes a difference. they pretty much ignore it otherwise. So why do want the statements? is this for a DV letter? if you just want statements then write the OC. if this is a DV request then send it to the CA. who's the OC and who's the CA? what was the first request about?
  14. how do you know it was the OC? Did you check the number?
  15. I thought there were mechanisms that kept spammers from PMing lotsa people? I
  16. if payments stopped in 07 and Sol in Cali then it will expire soon
  17. you can't have all three of those things. that is the simplest answer. ignoring their attempts to contact you is always a mistake. the court case will not stop just because they haven't served you. The good news is there is a high probability that you can settle this for much less than they are asking and maybe even get rid of a case if they are not prepared. But you will be paying something. And you know "having nothing in your name" could come back and bite you one day.
  18. actually you can get triple damages after you notice them.
  19. its not that surprising. they were violating the TCPA. If they didn't give that response they would owe $1500
  20. Ok, I thought you had the 6k. offer what you have now. they can only turn you down.