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  1. what are the dates on this citi account? when was last activity. Here is the problem, when you enter into a payment plan and start to pay it changes the date of last activity to last month (restarts the clock). I believe if you enter a payment you will lose all possibility of a settlement. Offer them 5k. Tell me the dates and we will see how long you can hang in there.
  2. I don't need to vouch anyone's honesty. Look, we need to focus on the common dishonesty that is actually happening. not imaginary hypotheticals.
  3. Please send a DV letter to the CA. Specifically ask for billing records that show how this balance was calculated. Ask them who owns this debt. the Drs Office may have sold it to them or assigned it to them. if it is only assigned then they can't PFD.
  4. A DV letter is sent to the collection agency. A 623 is sent to the original creditor
  5. The question was specifically about not signing letters because the signature would be lifted. Do you know of any example of that happening? Because for all of fear and worry people have expressed, I have never seen it.
  6. robosigning is not lifting another person's signature. And that does not seem to be what Alison Moon did. She signed her own name to a lie. if you think I am defending any CA or JDB, you have not been reading my stuff. The question was "Is it safe to sign your letters?" the general fear seems to be that your signature will be copied and used to forge documents. IMHO, that scenario seems unlikely, but you also don't really need to sign these letters. The CMRRR article no. is more important in my opinion. Please don't be one of those people that jumps to conclusions because I say one sane objective opinion. just disagree.
  7. this is the problem with using form letters you don't understand. that refers to the letter itself, there is no other form. personally I would suggest that you send a pared down letter that adapts parts of the this exhaustive (very good) letter that specifically applies to your case.
  8. I would notify them in writing, that all calls are inconvenient.
  9. I don't think you can presume these bills are legit. Yes, OK it is from your doctor and you have gotten service from him but you have also made payments. one of the important functions of a DV letter is to show how the balance due was calculated. I have been overcharged by my doctors and dentists. The office manager would tell me everything was fixed and then the collection agency would call
  10. no, that is going way to far into paranoia land. IMHO, it is pretty rare that a collection agency will "use" your signature. This is fraud and like any other crime, it is not impossible to detect. and the risk would be incredibly high. Most Collection Agency employees are salesman and private investigators that can't get better gigs. They will use the usually gray area high pressure tactics, but committing fraud to collect money that doesn't even go directly into their pockets is unlikely. That being said, it isn't really necessary to sign any letter you are sending to a collection agent. Putting the certified mail article number in the reference line is more important as evidence in court. I am a wild and crazy risk taker and mostly sign my letters, but you don't have to. Entering into a payment plan may require a signature, but we are talking about PFD.
  11. it is 3 or 6 years and my guess is 3 sending you some bills and the amount due can be considered a response to a DV request. Only a judge can say if it is not.
  12. the charges that can be added on is controlled by the credit agreement and your state. thus my questions. The 623 letter will be to ask how they calculated the balance and an explanation of the charges
  13. They need to send a dunning letter before the 30 day clock starts. A phone call doesn't do it. they can't report this or sue you. I have C&D zombie debt verbally and it has worked. they are looking for easy fish
  14. verizon is famous for their random billing. I have dealt with ICS on a couple of closed accounts and it was never reported on my credit (because I DV'd every contact). That being said, at 6 bucks a pop. I probably spent more responding to this than the debts cost. But they are thieves and this is what you get for deregulation. I wish they would sue me but since verizon knows that these debts are negligent error, they have admitted that they never will. until an AG admits that Telephone Billing Errors are a profit stream, nothing will change. whoops, ranting sorry please forgive
  15. I think that the judgments might be helpful for intimidating negotiations but it doesn't change the debt. how much is the debt? how about my prior questions?
  16. this might actually be a 623 letter you need to send. what state do you live in? what is the date of this debt?
  17. you need to dispute this with the loan company. use a 623 letter. make it polite and depending how long it has been it could be fixed. This is not a goodwill letter but include the stuff about your husband being laid off. Make sure you still ask for the history to be investigated.
  18. if you have supporting documentation, you need to send it. They must consider documentation that you send, but you are not necessarily required to send anything.
  19. Well since I am assuming that you have proof of payment I don't think they can be updated as charged off. I would DV midland immediately
  20. I would work on your own credit. save your money for CMRRR.
  21. If this doesn't work I would send I a complaint to the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. Did you really wait the whole 7 years? I would have tried to help