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  1. 1. the OP did mention any lates 2. Reporting to CRA is a collection activity. under federal law the CA cannot pursue any collection activity until they respond to the DV request. I believe that fed appeals court has ruled that the DV doesn't have to be written. it will be a tough road. I would write a DV letter CMRRR and cite the verbal request.
  2. what state are you in? when did you make the last payment? you need to get over your problem with paying a third party Bill Collector (scum sucking CA, JBL, whatever ) All that matters is improving your credit. pay the party that will make the best deal. IF GE Money no longer owns the debt, then they can't accept payment. A lot of people talk about "never paying a collector" and this is an emotional response that will not improve your situation.
  3. yes, this is a violation. dispute them off. and report this to your Attorney General.
  4. do you have all your credit reports? what state are you in? what is the original creditor and the name of the CA? what is the date of first delinquency? 30 days after last payment this information will help me make suggestions specific to your case. The state will determine the statue of limitations for this debt. knowing the name of the OC original creditor, will help show if there is a specific govt regulators can intervene. Knowing the dates are very important.
  5. I think this sounds paranoid. How can you prove something like an website being bought off? I think that all you can really do is cite cases where this worked and people can look up the original court record. if you don't have that then you don't have support for this approach i am all for creative approaches, but lawsuit require qualified legal advice.
  6. we need dates and the state you are in. Id the Oc's and the Ca's
  7. Because you sued the CAs on violations of procedure, and not about the debt it doesn't change your liability for the debt. but... who is the OC? who is the new CA? what state are you in? what is the date of first Delinquency?
  8. ok, I sorry if it seemed cryptic but it may help from what you quoted, I believe the debt is sold. where were the credit cards statements sent to? was it an address that you lived at? what items were charged? was anything bought at store? Anything that could be traced in some way? this may take some creativity. is any of the information on the application inconsistent? you need to file a police report, if you are going claim this isn't your card. if the facts seem to point to your ex then you need to say so.
  9. it is tough to get an OC to agree to deletion. It may be worth it to the OP to settle this before the CA posts this to his report. but it can't hurt to ask as long as you move fast
  10. Have you removed the judgment? is there an AFNI collection account on your reports? Are these things still there?
  11. So I would report this to the AG. I am not sure it will fix everything but this is a violation and they should be notified. So the BBB response sounds like they are claiming that they did respond to DV. I would send a MOV letter to the CRA. So it is pretty clear that they can't add the tradeline before responding to the DV, but if the tradeline is on your report sometimes they will just mark it in dispute. That's why i would do the MOV
  12. the thing is that you have invested a lot of money in covenant. whether this is a scare tactic or not, I would say at this stage a few days or even a week is not going to change things. it is a scare tactic, and it is a good one because they do sue people. unless they will give your money back, dropping out will not change the situation with Chase. If you need to do something immediately, Send a DV letter. don't make any decisions about Covenant until you speak to someone that can give you real answers about your situation. I don't think it is too much to ask for Covenant to contact Chase before the 20 days expire. Chase does sue people, but they also do debt settlement sometimes. I am not a big fan of getting other companies to fix your debt, but if you invested in them already then ask them to deliver.
  13. 1. BBB doesn't do much. report a CA to the AG 2. Did PRA respond at all to the DV?
  14. I would dispute the employers. since you disputing spouses accounts any inaccurate connection should be removed
  15. you need to find out whether the case is assigned or sold to the CA. Even if you pay the OC at this point the CA will get paid. sorry to be the one to tell you. if they have a contract of assignment or own it the OC can't take your money behind their back.
  16. office of the comptroller of the currency
  17. the receipt paper has the mail article number on it. so you can do this from home too.
  18. use the mail article number to look it up online. go to usps and tracking you can print this out and use it for an MOV letter
  19. look at the court case and contact the leinholder
  20. Are you ? if so the SOL is 4 years, so dispute with abandon. I would do the 623 process. dispute 623 crap1 file a complaint with OCC if the don't step to
  21. I find that Crap1 is pretty careless about regulation and it was easy to fight them if you asked for an investigation by a bank regulator. the Federal Reserve slapped them several times for me and I wanted to share the info. So the ironic part is that the link is broken. Ehow actually agreed not to single them out, and deleted the article. this is a very old thread and it was brought back because someone got upset with me. I think it is a very reasonable criticism, though. I also wrote a more general article about filing complaints to delete tradelines.:-)
  22. I would love to hear more about Securitization