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  1. Hi all, I DV'd Investment Retrievers, Really old debt (99), in my letter I in bold print wrote correspond in writing only. They got the letter on 30 may. They called this Sunday morning. How can I get proof that they called? I cant print out my caller id log, so any help will be Great. heath-n-Ca
  2. Sent out a DV to Mitchell N Kay. They sent letter back saying "In response to your recent req, we are obtaining the info your requested. As soon as we receive this info we will forward it to you." Now does that give them extra time from the 30 days to get the information or if they haven't sent it then they get a FOAD. Or 30 days is 30 days. Oh by the way this one is about 2 months out from the SOL. I've heard bad things about this Shylock. Whats the next logical step? heathnca Getting my good credit on!
  3. I had the 1st arbitration meeting today and when I got there the Mediator said that there was no action today on this, and proceeded to say that it was dismissed. So does that mean (I know I'm going to sound stupid) that they (Calvary) has decided that it is not worth the fight? And what do I need to do to make sure this isn't reflecting on my CR? Any Info would be great. Heath N.California
  4. Last I checked (2/15/07) No they weren't. So aren't they supposed to give me more info on this debt not the other way around? The weird thing is in my DV letter I asked for what I needed, they in turn ask me for the info I want from them. Heath
  5. Hi All, I'll try to be brief....Got a collect letter from AFNI, OLD debt '95. DV'd it they replied (here is where it get weird and vague and Kinda long) Please read on. And I Quote "We received your dispute, but we are unable to investigate at this time." WHAT THE? "You have provided insufficient info to substantiate your claim." HUH?? "We will complete our investigation within 30 day of receipt of the following info" "1. specific info you dispute 2. an explanation of the basis of dispute 3. all supporting docs I.E. photocopy of Driver license, copy of passport, proof of residency." When I r
  6. Anybody heard of lifelock.com I was listening to the radio and the CEO gave out his SSN. Can anyone give more 411? Heath
  7. I have an appt with the local ca bar association, in a debt collection defense clinic. on the 15 march. So I'll be ready to rumble!!
  8. I did live in San Diego, however.... I am being sued in the county in which I live now. Oh and I will be there like the Michael McDonald. Thanks for the 411.
  9. Hey all, I am in Northern Ca, I am being sued but DC lawyer from So Cal. I just got letter from Court saying date is 4/20/07. What is the likely hood that they will show? For those of you not from cal that's a 8hr drive. although a 45 min flight. Either way I'm ready. Heath
  10. Hello all, I am in Cal. I went to the courthouse and answered a filing against me, I haven't sent a copy to the Lawyer or the JBDC. I thought that the court sends a copy but I guess not. They have sent a letter to me saying they are going to send in for a judgment. do I still need to serve them up with the reply or wait till it gets to the judge? Heath
  11. Hello all, I recently pulled my cr and noticed a judgment from dec 01, then the same judgement from feb 02, same company first select. I recall the judgement paid in dec 01 yet the collection agencey is reporting it. the second is a differnt dollar amount. looks like the amout with all the intrest and fees. I only paid the princapal of the debt, the judge was kind. any advise on getting this off of my cr? Also it shows how filed. the one that I know was paid says individual, the second says unknown. Hmmmm fishy? Thanks in advance. Heath N Cal-ee-fornia