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  1. That makes alot of sense. So I will wait and see what happens. thx for the info Im gonna try and figure out a way to force gmac hand.
  2. this is not a wise solution but I tried it and it worked for me. I called the OC on a Charge Off, paid the remainder of the charge off and they took off the charge off and the late payments. might work might not if they agree make sure it is in writing b4 u pay it off. Also, your situation seems like its a candidate to write some goodwill letters. h
  3. I cant believe that I have paid on my mortgage for 3 months now and now it might take another 9 months for Gmac to report my good history to any of the big 3. I called customer service the other day to inquire when my mortgage would be reported. the response I got was when u become 30 days late then we will report. I was dumbfounded at this , so I have to be late 30 days b4 they report that I even have a mortgage in place. I almost fell off my chair laughing when the outsourced cs rep read this off her script. Does anyone have an idea on how to get gmac to report my current good history with them . Im told that it takes anywhere from another 6mos to a year for them to report my good history. h
  4. and ready to start kicking creditors butts on some deletiions. I have finally, gotten my divorce won my custody battle for the kids and purchased my present home. 2007 has been a good year for this humble single father of 2. Anyway i have 9 badies that need to go away so now its time to start shaking some things up. Now that i have more ammo form this great site and people like methuss, dive, admin, as well as others to many to remember. its time for the charge of the light brigade to begin again. its time to hit oc's ca's in the mouth because im coming out the gate swinging. h
  5. first get a copy of your credit report from each burea, use myfico.com. Then find a mortgage broker or a loan officer at your bank who will sit down and go over your report with you. Let someone who in the lending industry point out the good and the bad on your report. I will say this if the creditors arent hounding you dont do anything. What you need to work on is getting your score up and paying off creditors doesnt boost your score it makes it go down. The only way i will pay off anything is if I enter in a pay for deletion agreement with the said creditor. Now if you have like a year or so b4 you want to buy then get a secured card, and slowly build your history to a positive desitination. However, i just bought my home for 78k 100% financing with seller paying all closing costs. My interest rate is 6.5% on a 30 year fixed loan. I currently have 9 badies on my report when i closed on my home 3 days ago. My ficos were ex 663, tu 642, eq 579. I was able to obtain an expanded level 1 mortgage, if I would have had more time i could have gotten a few baddies deleted and obtained a conforming loan. the moral of my loan drawn out point is this: The higher your credit score the better your chances of becoming a homeowner. I had a good broker who told me to not touch my credit report that the middle score is the only thing that matters and in my case he was right. Am I in any shape to secure high lines of credit! No, i do not care about credit cards. Im driven by credit score and score only. I was sitting in a car dealership on saturday and while talking to the finance manager I was able to read the credit score guidelines in their file book. From what I read if pertaining to this particluar dealership 700++ score mean 8% financing across the board no matter the the months 24,36,48, 54,,etc. 660-699 9-12% 620-660 12-14%. less than 620 15-24%. So as you can see by my example the credit score is the end all game. mho with that and $1.00 you can buy coffee all across america\ h
  6. he is the mortgage guru. However, me personally if i were u lisa i would let firstsource handle your situation I bet he could get you where u need to be. mho h
  7. the magic number for refi's do it now i wouldnt wait. However I wouldnt shop around yourself, find a broker who will look at your current copy of your fico reports, a good broker should be able to break down 3 viaable options for you. Stay away from internet offers on refi. will your current lend extend to you a equity line of credit at a good rate. check that out too. h
  8. is i disputed everything negative on my report. Some fell off some didnt. It seems to me that your not worried about your score so waiting to sol is up is no problem. h
  9. of different things, inq, updates, etc. however having both tc and score watch i notice score watch is better on the alerts. another thing with tc u have to set alarms on your alert preferences. h
  10. i like true credit better than scorewatch, in which i have them both as well as experian. TU really covers all my needs i am going to drop the other 2 h
  11. Ithink someone needs to bring back a sticky on fako vs fico,
  12. im not going to use lexington, Im going to wait 3 mos after I close on my home then im going after my report again with both barrels loaded. thx all who responded to my post. h
  13. my financing is going to happen im just trying to bump myself up a few more pts to get a better interest rate. Im probably stuck @6.83 which isnt the best but its plausible for the next 18 mos. Until the rates go back down in which is going to occur probably this time next year. Sub prime hasnt vanished but they have tightened the screws. This summer is probably going to be hectic for anyone w/a median below 640. In a year's time its going to be good to enter RE investing and start flipping houses. In which this is my tentative plan to pay my home off in 5 years. h
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