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  1. If they are monitoring the three cards, it should inform the latter why it only allows the 2 advantages and not three. It is very important for the card holder to know its privileges and limitation,. Ask for the updates of your card for monitoring. Inquire first before having a decision of hiring a new monitoring provider.
  2. Okay! you have also a good strategy. What you will do right now is monitor all your debts and somehow find means by inquiring in any business related financial institution who are willing to offer you a loan, with a good interest.. Make a one shot deal and prioritized what should be your payments to be made and debts to left alone. Don`t fully utilized the proceeds of your new loan to pay for all of your debts. Make a way to recover for a new with that money you got from your new loan. Just make sure you have a schedule of priority payments to be made in order to slowly recover from your the debts. Good strategy should be achieved with proper planning and priority.
  3. Your ability to avail and your credit standing for another loan for your future needs is what you are looking forward to. Then there`s no problem with that; because your loans are always up to date, then can help you bring back your new good credit standing because of the help of the Auritron. You are just paying your previous loans and concentrating on a new loan oered by Autitron. If you`re planning to have to a new loan in the future ;mortgage or any other type of credits ; then no problem ;for you can surely avail again from Autitron and or any other credit firms . That`s a good example of consolidating of loans to bring back the good credit standing of a person. Hope this short knowledge could simply contributes for the best of us all.
  4. I have a bank loan with a certain collateral; my car and my house and lot. My loan is quite in big amount with a certain 2% interest per month. For the last 6 months I haven`t paid any amount for that loan. The bank send me a demand letter giving me another six months to settle any unpaid balance for my loan. If I can`t make it then my car and property will belong already to the bank. I lost my job 8 months from now already and still finding one. I`m a Veterinarian and own a piggery for somehow but due to some reasons it went unfavorable. The downfall of my business brings me a lot of fund trouble. I have a certain friend who is willing to help me pay that said loan in exchange for the collateral with a much more higher interest than the bank. I think he`s grabbing the opportunity during this time and I think he has the interest in my property. My question are; Am I going to accept his offer? How about if ever I could find funds during that 6 months allotted time? If ever I won`t accept his offer and time will come? What would be the best way to pay my bank loan? Thanks for replies and your help.
  5. Well, you`ll go deeper if you`ll not find means for that. First list down your total amount of loans and interests and choose somebody who can help you refer a person or a debt consolidation agency for your problem. Make a necessary arrangements if ever you can find the person or the company offering help on your part. If you find one, fixed them all your debts and arranged with them a certain scheme of payments and ask for a longer term. Then arranged for a reasonable charges they would offer. Long term payments on your new loan would somehow help you recover and have a fund to pay for your new loan. That`s the best thing I think you can do. Your new loan can fixed all your pending debts and concentrate to it only. Maybe the difficult phase of solving your problem is the time you would have to spent in searching for a company or person willing to adopt your funding needs; but don`t worry, there is always a help and for always; help are being offered. There should always be a solution whenever there`s a problem. You can do it!!!!!
  6. On the first place, your mother-in-law`s account with your wife as the co-borrower or the latter as the main borrower and your mother-in-law as the secondary borrower, has a very good standing loan account as you have said. Then that would be a great help for you. You can simply make a new acquisition due to your good record. As for the plan of your mother-in-law to retire ;then logically she knows the future of her account and I do believe that she had already prepared for that. The best thing to do is to keep a good payment records on your new account and your mother`s previous account. Now, if ever you have a some sort of fund problem, I don`t think that would happen at the same time with your mother-in-law. Lend your mother-in-law a hand and somehow she will do the same on your part. Anyway, I don`t think money matter problems would come into your way. The standing of your mother-in-law`s payment record would be of great help for your plan. To be safe, refer your plan to her and collaborate with her decision if ever, and I think positive response would be attain from her. If she would denotes some difficulty in payment for the future then make other alternative to achieve your plan. Hope you had my point but its up to you and your wife about your plan for a new account.
  7. I would like to agree that you should have to check the contract and study it. That should not be. There are so many instructions and exemptions on the mortgage schedule of payments. How about if the 5th day falls on weekdays and no banking transactions are made? Should you pay it before or is it still allowable to make your payments after? You should have to find the reasons on their office for that? Do they have different accounting procedures? Are they strict on the implementation o your payment? These are only few considerations. If you`ll have to find out then ask a certain CPA`s or knowledgeable individual for your perusal. This is a serious problem and need a serious findings. Hope I contributed a sort of knowhow on your part.
  8. Well, so far the best thing is to ask any country revenues staff or officer for this matter. If it would be deductible somehow only the interest for the that`s partly affects the improvements. But the best is to inquire and have your things concern be brought up. Thanks for this info`s. More shared ideas; much better.
  9. Thanks so far or this additional info`s. So far I have here an existing HSBC card. I would like to comment on the cash advance charges. It is 3% of your credit limit or a specified amount given by the company whichever is higher. Hope to have more updated info`s on this topic.