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  1. He's 21, haha. Yeah he probably won't get any free money... his parents make enough to send an only child to school- I think together they make 200k/yr in Texas- it's just very conditional and strict. Thanks for the suggestion... maybe he can just tell him it doesn't hurt to try and then go from there.
  2. Ok, so I know there are a lot of experienced people with the student loan business. Yet, I am so puzzled. This question is in part for me and in part for my boyfriend. My boyfriend’s parents “pay for everything” or at least feel like they do. They pay for everything that is a necessity and nothing else. Yet, they will not allow him to have a job or they stop paying for even the necessities. It is appreciated that they want to take care of him to concentrate on school, but they are very strict and he is first generation America and don’t feel like he needs anything else but basic living, dorm food $ and tuition/books. He got a job a few months ago and just hid it from them, but they found out and stopped paying for his basic living needs until he quit because they need him on a whims notice to come home. Ok, enough with the back story- I know there are other more pressing psychological issues that he needs to take up with his parents- like letting him get a job. My point is, he would really like to get a student loan for the things that are not basic- yet are still school related. Such as transportation, trips, food outside of school, some better computer parts for processing his Computer Science major/classes. Granted, he is genuinely interested in saving money and he has great credit for his age. His parents did instill lots of great finance values in him. But, he wants to apply for a student loan but all the private loans through a bank’s interest rate are much higher (not unbearable) than expected. Yet, in order to get a government loan he would need to go the FAFSA route and that requires the use of his parent’s information? Does anyone know the process of FAFSA- is there a way to go about getting any assistance without your parent’s information or co-signing? Should he just suck it up and go the personal bank route? I know a personal loan can be used for anything but do government type loans have any limitations? Also, what I would appreciate is any information on how student loans work- what to do first? What are the best types to get? What is necessary to acquire them? This is more for me, as I file independently because my parent’s can’t help me with school, but they are willing to help me however they can that does not involve thousands of dollars a year.
  3. Awesome, thank you that's what I needed to know- that if necessary I can have it removed. Thanks a lot you all.
  4. You know, I thought that initially but didn't know which out weighed what-- but what worries me is my mom has not so great credit always? She seems to be really bad with paying on time and so I was a little back handed and I changed her payment due date to later without her knowing it so that she can pay on time instead of always late. Right now I have three bad things against me with this Discover card account- a recent late payment, an account that is reporting something negative and my analysis (which may not be worth crap) says that my credit is still too young. Thank you for the reply!
  5. Hey guys, I was looking at my credit report and noticed that it states I've had credit for 12 years, only problem is I'm 22. I looked further into it and for some reason my mom's Discover card is being reported on my credit. At one point in time, I had a card on her Discover account in my name... but it was her account. Her social security #, her information, etc. I have verified all of this with Discover. Is that correct/possible? Can my Mother's late payments still affect me? The bad thing is, it shows one late payment within the last 15 months- but it wasn't my late payment. I'm working hard on my credit for the sake of student loans... is this considered an error? Any advice appreciated, thank you.
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