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  1. Short/sweet. Spent Christmas of 09 in hospital er. Ic for another 2 weeks. Toms of bills but great healthcare. Paid all bills. Received a bill from Debt Collector from Dr. (in-house) Explained to them all the bills. Did not miss one of them. Sent out the money (less than 250). Another letter demanding the same money. Explained I paid and gave her info from cancelled check. Woman agreed and said it would go no further. In Sept received notice from Credit monitoring svc stating neg info on all 3 accounts. Called woman again. She said they could do that as I did not make a timely payment. (true).
  2. Thick I had something similar happen to me. Computer records showed a court case against me in 2004. (I saw this in 06) Went to courthouse and pulled the records. The case was dismissed without prejudice due to non-service. Once it was dismissed the sol began to toll again from the date of 1st delinquency minus the time frame from when they brought suit until it was thrown out by a very wise judge. (Thank you judge XX!) Hope I didn't confuse the issue. I would go down to the courthouse and see if a trial was ever held. Sure wouldn't hurt to go and see. Maybe it was thrown out for lack of serv
  3. Thanks, I kinda figured that. Will do so tomorrow.
  4. Was in hospital for a stroke during Christmas season. All is fine now. Received a bill in the mail today from a Dr's office (small amount 35.00). The window in the enveloped contained my name and address (duh!) however in big, red, capatilized letter the words PAST DUE screamed out at me. Can they do this? Very embarrassing to me, seeing I work for the PO and know my mail carrier. The topper of it is I went and checked my checking account and I had already paid them on 2/23/ 10. I don't really don't know if there is anything I can do about it, but it makes me mad. Just blowing off some steam
  5. I was under the impression that it was 4 years. Went to 2 attorneys who told me it was 5 for credit cards.. (at least that is the way the judges were ruling in Broward county.) Either way your past either interpretation.
  6. Maybe they were still grieving the loss of their son? Plus we have the info from this board as protection against such acts.
  7.,2933,480048,00.html Talk about not giving up! Hope this link works!
  8. The bad news is SOL on CC in Fl is 5 years. The good news is that many members here know the laws . Between Nascar, the rest of the members and the stickies you have a great chance to win. LVNV may not even have a proper chain of custody on a debt this old. I would stay away from the SOL defense though as I have had quite a few attorneys tell me the courts are leaning towards a 5 year SOL.
  9. Have a judgement that I paid. Paid off about 2+ years ago. Have letter stating so. Is it worth it to try and have it removed or marked as paid on my credit report? My score is hovering around 700 now so I don't know if it will affect my score much.
  10. If Bank One is a store CC you should be okay. That is all the sticky is referring to store cards not "traditional bank-issued cards. Good luck! I'm pulling for you!
  11. Statute of Limitations in Fl is 5 years for credit cards. Spoke with 3 different attnys and all said the courts are treating CCs as written accounts. Sorry for the bad news but it's better to know now than later.
  12. Disputed a collection account on my credit report. Experian deleted but Transunion reports it as verifed. Guess I should write a letter to the CA and ask for verification of this item and if they do not have it ask them to remove it from Transunion. Sounds like a plan?
  13. You guys are the best! Really thanks for all the info and giving me a good laugh tonight!!
  14. Received a letter from a JDB yesterday offering a 50% discount on an outstanding debt. (6 months past the SOL date:) My question is should I just send them a check or give them my bank account information? Just joking. Thanks to all of the help I recieved over the past 6 months I am much better informed. Six months ago I would have jumped at this great () offer. Now I am going to respond to the letter with my own informing them that this account is SOL (as if they don't know) and I will bring up the fact that they are trying to collect on a debt that they were informed is SOL in case they ta