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  1. on the 7th of Dec and got 7 - 10 day message then BAM today card shows up with $1100.00 CL. So it does not mean no. Catch
  2. Hey guys! I have a question I need some advise on. I have a U.S. Bank secured visa and a Elan Financial secured visa both with limits of $350.00. I have had these cards for 8 months with no lates and PIF every month. Last week I went on a mini app spree and I recieved approval for: Amex Delta Gold $1000.00 cl:D Juniper Carnival $800.00 cl:D Juniper U.S Airways- 7-10 Day:neutral: Hooters $1100.00:D HSBC Platium MC $300.00:? My question is.. Should I not activate and close the HSBC when I recieve it because of the low limit (lowest of all cards and annual fee). Or do I just need to activate i
  3. I also had a Bellsouth acct that went bad about 4 yrs ago and it was turned over to this CA. I paid Bellsouth and wrote Bellsouth a GW letter and they (Bellsouth)called me at home and the lady was real nice but said sorry we can't remove accurate info (it is against the law). But they would notify CBSC that it is to be marked as paid in full. So I shot off a dispute to the big 3 as "paid before collection" and it was removed. Guess CBSC did'nt respond so iot was deleted. My advise is not to pay CBSC but pay Bellsouth and try what I did. Good luck Catch
  4. filed through the Phoenix office. My response was from this lady, Ashley Harwell Dispute Resolution Consultant p 602 212-2244 f 602 263-0997 I sent a complaint to the BBB,Alabama AG, and the FTC. It took about 6 weeks for Midland to respond but they finally did and tried to say I was late disputing and I owed the $ but they said they would delete and place in a holding file and not sale or collect any longer. Anyway I WIN! The Harwell lady is the one that I corresponded with on my complaint. Maybe you could e-mail her and tell her the problems your having filing a co
  5. Not for sure about it not including the "notify the CRA's" statement but your letter does state it was moved to the special holding queue where it will NOT BE REPORTED,SOLD OR ANY FURTHER COLLECTION ACTIVITY DONE!!! That is a big plus 4 u! When u dispute it now Midland will not respond and it should not be verified thus leading to a DELETE!!! It is still a big plus for u!!Catch
  6. Mine was never sent to a CA. Just Applied card(formally Cross Country Bank). So I did not have to deal with a CA. Maybe you can ask him to recall it from the CA. Wont hurt to try. I know he will remove the Applied card listing. If he can't do anything about the CA then after you pay Applied card off then keep disputing it with the CRA's until it is gone.Good luck. Catch
  7. don't just send the money to anyone at APPLIED CARD BANK. is who you need to deal with. Just shoot him an e-mail telling him you would like to clear up an acct that you screwed up on and lt went south or whatever happened and just be honest with him about it and tell him you have ,say half of what you owed and you can send it to him immediately since you have the cash if he could remove any reference of this acct from your CR. He is a good dude and he will do this for you. He did this for me a few weeks ago and as soon as he received my payment (which was h
  8. Midland is finally out of here!! My last baddie on a couple of my reports. Took complaints to BBB, Bama AG and FTC and 7 wks of waiting after complaints but I received an e-mail from BBB this morning with an attached response from Midland stating we received this debt from so in so and Catch owes this much $ and the law allows for timely request for validation and so on and so on and to date Catch has failed to provide Midland with any documentation to substantiate his dispute but the last paragraph states "However, in accordance with Midland Credit's policy to reach affirmatively to consumer
  9. Send an E-mail to this guy here and explain your situation to him just as you have done here.(also give your acct # and info so he can research it) . Be polite because this guy CAN and WILL help you with this!!!! It will also help if you can scan a copy of the letter from Capital Mgmt Svcs saying it would be deleted in your e-mail. This guy will take care of it. Be patient!!! He will send you an e-mail response within a day or two. Send a copy of your e-mail that you send to him to yourself, if you do not get a response within 2 days just resend him the e-ma
  10. verified? If I dispute it what is done by the CRA to get the dispute verified and who verifies it? Also are chances better for a paid judgement to not be responded back to like there would be a better chance for a CA to not respond to a dispute of a paid collection acct and it just get deleted? Or is it totally different? Thanks, Catch
  11. He guys. I am at the end of my rope with Midland. I have DV'd 3 times ammount is $658.00. 1st response was "Fill out this identity theft report" and send us your info ltr. 2nd response from 2nd DV was photo copy of old bill from OC but it was just a photo copy of an old bill with duplicate stamped across it and a couple days after that received a bill requesting about 1/3rd of what was owed with them saying if I pay this amount it would be considered paid and marked as that but I know they would transfer balance to another and I would have to deal with them. The account is an old valid acct th
  12. Morning, If I am attempting to have old personal info removed from my CR through the CMRRR process, how much do I dispute in each letter? I mean do I dispute all the obselete addresses and info in 1 letter to each CRA or do I break it up into several CMRRR letters ( like 3 letters to EXP with 3 old addresses in each letter ) and the same to the other CRA's or do I just put it all in 1 letter and dispute them all like that? I don't post alot but I do major ammouts of reading on here and have had super results from great info and strageties posted here. My scores have all jumped 60-80 pts just
  13. I have 2 Medical collections with the same CA. 1 is from about a year ago and the other was placed with the CA about a month ago. I received notice on 3/16/07 ( I have 30 days to respond )about the 2nd one and I am planning on paying (both are mine:cry: ) gonna try PFD for the first one that is already reporting. The 1 from a year ago is already reporting with the CRA but the latest one is not reporting yet. Question : If I pay the 1 that is not reporting yet before they start reporting it will it go on my report any kind of way? Also will anything be said to me about the one from a year ago-
  14. Hello to All! Starting the long road like everyone else on here and I have been reading all this great stuff and have already disputed several things and have got some removed. Have a question about a letter I received from Applied Card Bank formally (Cross Country Bank) after I disputed with the CRA. Could use some advise on this one. This is a CC acct from 2001 that I have disputed with the CRA about 2 weeks ago. I'm sure it is SOL (Alabama). It was last reported to the big 3 about a week ago. This is the OC it has never been assigned to anyone else. Original CL was $400.00 Here is th