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  1. I have been working seriously for the past few years at improving my credit. I have improved it significantly but still am below 600 which is because of three collections and 1 fed tax lien. I am finally in a position of paying them all. The issue is I am not sure if I should pay for the collections first and make payments on the tax lien or pay the tax lien and wait on the collections. The collections themselves are about 1/2 way through their 7 years but the tax lien is only about 5 months short of being out of sol. I could reup my uncollectable status for the lien because my hubby is on disability but at the same time I want the lien off my credit because I would like to buy a house this year. Any advice on how to do this. I know with the IRS they have a new program for withdrawing the lien if you set up direct debit payments. Advice please.
  2. These would be paid to the CA. They are a few years old so not as much impact right now but I would like to be able to buy a home either late this year or early next year and from what I understand they have to be paid prior to the close. That is the only reason that I am entertaining paying them versus just letting the fall off.
  3. Does anyone have any experience getting these creditors to delete from credit report once paid in full? These are my 3 baddies that I want off my credit. I have 2 others but they fall off this fall so I am leaving them alone. But these 3 will stick around for the next few years. I want to contact them and offer a pay for deletion. Or should I just bite the bullet and let them show as paid on my credit report? Expert advise?
  4. Well we are wanting to start credit repair for my hubby and I. Now that we are done with immigration would like to purchase a house. but I am worried especially with my hubby that since all of his negative is reaching sol should we just leave it alone? I am worried that if we mess too much with it that they will try and sue. We just got rid of Cap 1. They tried to sue but ended up not showing up in court. So what is recommended? Second question is for utility companies. Do we just pay them and get it out of the way?
  5. So they no showed for court. My Hubby and I went to court even though it took us 2 hours (wrong jurisdiction) and they didn't show up. I had to wait outside with my daughter while they were going through all the cases so I didn't hear exactly what was said but basics were that they called my hubby's case and he stood up but no one was there for Cap 1. The judge folded up the papers and said case closed. My hubby however didn't ask if it was dismissed with or without prejudice. I am assuming it was dismissed because they didn't show. I have to wait until Tuesday to ask the clerk because of the court house and clerk's office being in different locations. Am I correct in this assumption that it was dismissed or am I celebrating a little too early? Thanks to all for all the help. I was so stressed over this and really for nothing. Thank you all again!!!
  6. ok let's say that we remove hubby from joint bank account. They already know about one because of line of credit but they don't know about a different one that we have. We remove hubby from that account and transfer his paid vehicle into my name. He was the only one sued. The card was in his name only. Can they come after me? We live in CA. But I don't have income. At this point in time neither does he. What do we do?
  7. so what do they ask for in these Post Judgment Discoveries? Also the person being sued is currently unemployed how long do they keep sending these discoveries out?
  8. How do they find you? I mean your work? Say you are no longer employed at any of the old companies that they know about how do they find the new company? I know how the IRS and State do it but how does a credit card company do it?
  9. ok. Cap 1 is just one of the debts. But they are the only ones that are suing. All of the cards are very low balances. The amount listed on the complaint is $800 plus fees. Of course the $800 includes tons of late and over limit fees as usual. This was defaulted on back in 2006 (mid summer). And I am not sure how BK will not help us since we have no income. We are moving in with my mother this weekend so post BK debt will be close to nil. We will have our basic expenses but no rent, eletricity etc. We will have to contribute something but not as much as we have to pay now. And I thought that BK CH 7 was for people in our situation. We don't know when my hubby will be back to work. I know that at this point in time that the CA can't collect a judgment but they will be able to once my hubby is back to work. And hubby is being sued. Court is on the 12th. They changed it and didn't notify us. Thank goodness I called. I am just trying to protect my UE is they go into my bank acct then I won't be able to buy diapers for my child. We are a family of 3 so I know we are allowed somethings.
  10. Does anyone know what this means? We got a form with the summons that said that case management had been waived. It gave us a date to go to court but at that point we had not even be served. How can case management be waived?
  11. well our monthly income is 1208 (at least til Unemployment runs out) My mom has been giving us money to pay our bills. My hubby defaulted on this back in summer of 2006 so SOL is summer 2009. It is for CAP One and the CA is Legal Recovery Law Offices. They are shaddy that is for sure. They refuse to listen. I have talked to some attys today regarding BK and they state that if they contact CA possibly can work out a settlement but CA won't settle directly with me. BK will be hard for me because my mom has been giving us money and we have been depositing it into our bank acct. Sad thing is that the amount that they sued for was $800 and at the time he was served our plan was to save up and pay it (atty fees and all) but he got laid off and now that is out of the question. And my mom was just giving us enough to pay basic living expenses and nothing extra. So we will see. They just refuse to accept anything that we can afford. They wanted us to sign a stip back in the beginning and I am glad we didn't do that because at this point what would we do. They would have their judgment already.
  12. This is the only one that is suing and the sol is almost up for the others. I really wanted to avoid BK but I talked to the CA today and told them that we have nothing and they said we needed to put $400 down and then large payments but I said we don't have anything and he said let me know who the BK atty is. So I guess that is the answer. We don't have assets but I guess we will file for ch7. I think the Ca thinks that we will do ch 13.
  13. my true concern is providing them our bank account records. my mother has been giving us money to pay our bills (rent etc) so our bank account shows more than what our true income is. We have no other assets. I have a vehicle that is financed and upside down but current (mother was co-signer) and hubby has a small truck that is paid for but it is for him to get to and from work when he has it. Thing is that hasn't been the case since september. He does use it to look for work but the truck really isn't worth much less than $5000. Other than that we have nothing. We have our basic living things such as furniture and kitchen stuff but all of that stuff is over 4 years old so not worth much. tried to talk to ca about payments but they refuse. So bk is my option.
  14. I am interested in calling the CA to offer a settlement on debt owed. I am going to threaten Bankruptcy at this point because it is our only other option. We do not have any income other than my unemployment and are moving in with my parents at this point in time. We have no changes in sight with the economy. What are the chances that they will want to avoid court? At this point we might even qualify for a ch 7. Will they being willing to do this since they stand a chance of getting nothing?
  15. how hard is it really to file pro se bankruptcy? We are in a hurry to file and have no money to pay atty. What else can we do?
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