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  1. of course I've written the CRAs with CMRRR letters for MOV, but my reasoning was just for a paper trail, I doubt very seriously that it will do any good to get them to remove it... I would like imput from anyone else here who has been faced with a collection the CA/purchaser has on your collection, updates each month as 180 days past due, and verifies with the CRA. What did you do that made them realize you weren't going to give up and make them delete? and trueq, thanks for your input, it's appreciated, it really is.
  2. OK, I have read and read and read the threads here regarding this and can't come to any sort of logical attempt to get this out of my hair once and for all. HSBC wrote off a cc debt and Portfolio purchased it. I disputed, Port verified. I have sent Port 2 CMRRR disputes (not within the first 30 days, and yes, I know, but hindsight is only going to do me good moving forward). First response from Port was on their letter head stating "you owe X amount of dollars and interest keeps adding it up pay now" kinda BS. At this time, I disputed with the three majors the HSBC written off account which came back verified (it does have a zero balance). HSBC wrote me a letter stating that after invesitgation my dispute with the CRAs, they found that I had a cc with them a couple of years ago (the gave dates) and that it had now been charged off and sold to Portfolio. THat was it, just their letter head and no copies of anything. ok. So I write back to Portfolio and explain that their "letter" was not proof and that I still dispute the debt and that I want to see INVOICES in the very least. In the mean time I send HSBC another letter explaining , yes, I knew I had once had a card with them, and that it was late at one point when I miscarried and was off work, but that I had sent in the balance after they cancelled the card, MONTHS BEFORE portfolio supposedly purchased it and that I had always enjoyed being their customer and had hoped to one day be able to have another one of their cards again. I asked them to please INVESTIGATE what they claim was the balance and to send me copies of in the very least the last two or so statements showing their was a balance after my pay off payment. All of this was sent CMRRR. I have never heard back from HSBC though it still shows in dispute on my report, and Portfolio sent the same form letter as before, only attached to it was some sort of form signed by one of their employees that they swear that the figures and my name and all that information was on some sort of list they purchased from HSBC. Ok, those weren't the exact words, but it is what it is. NO one, not even HSBC has been able to or willing to send me ANYTHING to show how this $900.00+ is coming from. I am 99% positive they have NOTHING because I have written and said, "Show me the statements and I will pay this".... what do I do from here to get this off my report? I had Excellent success with AFNI under the BBB, but not sure Portfolio and HSBC are members.... anyone? PLEASE????? This is one of the issues my home loan is riding on. THanks, April
  3. AFNI sent me a letter stating that they have filed a request with the credit bureaus to delete the account!!! It is gone from TU and EX, but I haven't had a chance to check with EQ yet which I will do when I get home from work! Wow, this one has been my most difficult yet to get removed, it gives me hope for a few of the other stubborn ones on my my report still!!! April
  4. I wouldn't worry about it too much at this point either. I agree with Methuss, a paper trail is always a good thing, but like others here have mentioned, I have done online and phone disputes with good results. As a matter of fact, the only two times I've written a letter of disputes, they sent replies of verification of an item I wasn't even disputing in the letter!!! (which in the end can be a good thing too...."Hey judge, look...this is what my CMRRR letter to EQ requested of them, and look at this rediculous and moot reply they sent to it"...
  5. OK, I just checked Experian, they are GONE from there, I will have to wait know when it comes off the others since I don't know how to see free reports from the other two! *doing the snoopy dance*
  6. Ok, recap: AFNI had a collection on ALL THREE CRAs for a debt I did not owe. I actually couldn't figure out how to prove I didn't owe it, but they couldn't prove I did. I mean, show me and I will pay, but I KNEW in my heart that I didn't owe it. Anyway, after a couple of months of volleying insults back and forth through the IL BBB, I received a notification yesterday from the BBB that AFNI informed the BBB that they are going to cease collection efforts and close the account...it remains to be seen how soon it comes off my credit reports, but since that was the ONE MOST IMPORTANT dissolution that I was asking the BBB to accomplish for me, I believe it will. I will let you know if when it happens, but HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. All in all, I would still be constantly a thorn in their side until they produce that letter, and INVOICES from the cleaning people, etc....they MUST provide those to you....and in the mean time, if you have not already, DISPUTE in writing to the CA and request an INVESTIGATION with the OC....sure you've already done these verbally, but you want the paper trail and do so CMRRR.. good luck!
  8. If you felt you were harrassed into paying it by threats, and then realized you did not in fact owe it, then stopped the payment, it would not be fraud. but, if do owe it and you stopped the payment just so you could dangle a PFD over their head, then yes, fraud. (and the fraud part would be the statement you sign at your bank, for one)
  9. I wouldn't get pissy with them just because it is out of SOL....that just means if they sue you they can't get a garnisment agaisnt you to pay....they can STILL BEGIN reporting this if they want to....for the remainder of the 7.5 years from the DOFMD.....if it was already on your CR, then I would do as DebGuy mentioned, but if like you said, it's not on your report yet, you can best believe it will be there if you rock their boat the wrong way.
  10. Having said all that, I would DEFINITELY dispute within the 30 days and do it by CMRRR! If you are positive that they can verify the debt, you might want to consider paying it within those thirty days so that it doesn't get on the report. The way I would do this is by Western Union or by a prepaid cc...(you don't want to use your real cc). This way, if they try and put it on your cc after receiving the money you can dispute it as paid before it was reported. Im not totally sure, but have heard if it is paid before being reported that it is a violation since reporting is a collection practice and they didn't have a debt when they started reporting. Your western union dated receipt or the receipt on the prepaid cc will verify that. again, someone who's been around here a while might can shed more light on that, but everyone will agree it's important to act on it BEFORE it gets to your report.
  11. yeah, EX is the crap when it comes to trying to get names removed....one of mine has "null" as my middle name...obiviously some sort of typo or computer error that someone somewhere didn't have my middle name and put that as such.... they still won't remove it! I have about 20 listings for my name, the dumb thing is, several of them are EXACT duplicates...and almost ALL of them have no TL or collections attached to them...clearly someone ran my credit using variations...they have to be inquiry generated...
  12. you might even go a step further and make sure the DOFD is correct. I have a few on my EQ report where the OC/CA is attempting to re age by providing a bogus DOFD to them.
  13. "Paper checks that bounce can be converted by the lender into an electronic re-presentment. Under industry self-regulatory rules that apply to all banks, any check that is sent back to the bank as an electronic transaction has a limit on the total number of times it can be presented for payment. There should not be more than three paper/electronic returned check attempts. That still means that your bank will charge you three bounced check fees for the payday loan check that overdraws your account, not counting the fees charged by the payday lender. If you see on your bank statement more than three total attempts to collect on the same check, file a complaint at your bank. " http://www.paydayloaninfo.org/chelp.cfm#8
  14. yes, it would depend on what you are trying to accomplish here as to whether or not a contract is a moot point. If the debt is for damage, etc, then a contract (or lack of) is not an issue really. If you signed a lease for say 12 months, lived there 8 and they are trying to charge you for the other 4, then you will need to be looking at a copy of the lease you signed. As for double renting, do you mean the later example above is true and they rented it right after you left and they received rent from the new tenants and are still trying to get the rent from you as well? I don't think there is a law that says they can not do that, but the contract you signed might stipulate that you will be responsible for the remaining period in the lease up until it is rented to a new tenant. If it doesn't mention something to that extent you might have to legally challenge them. The first thing I would do would be to contact your local housing authority and find out from them if the rental agency has committed any type of violations.
  15. I contacted them last week about getting a home through them. They faxed information and a pre qual application to me, I filled it out and faxed it right back. I noticed that afternoon, they had pulled reports from EX and TU (thankfully, my two best, though none of them are anything to be proud of). I got a letter Thursday starting off with: "Dear myscoresawful, Rural Development has conducted a pre-qualification review using a profile credit report (obtained at no cost to you) as well as unverified information you provided either orally or in writing. During this informal and unbinding review, items that raised concerns or need clarification were noted. To qualify for program assistance, applicants must meet basic elegibility requirments that include, but are not limited to, acceptable credit history and loan repayment ability. We would like the opportunity to discuss with you the information obtained through the pre-qualification review. We ask that you call our office at xxx-xxx-xxxx within 30 calendar days of the date of this letter. Again, this letter is not a denial of credit assistance through Rural Development. You are welcome to submit a Uniform Residential loan Application if you haven't done so already." etc, etc, etc,...the rest is pretty much their stating The Federal Equal Credit Opportunity Act stuff. Has anyone received a loan through them? Did you receive this letter? Is it a nice, cover their own butts under the above referenced act to say "come in and let us give you the chance to defend why we are going to deny you" letter?
  16. To be truthful, I doubt you would have a very easy time getting any money, and most likely, you can get it removed, by either writing to C1 or disputing with the CRA. It is my understanding, (I have read in various articles, and if I am wrong, someone here will correct me, I assure you, hopefully with supporting links)...but the only person who needs your actual signature on paper to pull your report, is a potential employer. Anyone else can claim you gave them a verbal authorization. Since you've said you did not apply for any credit in the past 6 months, this wouldn't be your case, but I accepted a pre approved offer from Bluesky auto lending, and the next thing I knew, there were 15...FIFTEEN inquires on my CRs from various yahoos, including C1 auto financing. I disputed with EQ and they were all gone within 5 days.
  17. I once worked in collections. Internal collections for a telephone company. I did this for two years. I NEVER used underhanded tactics to get people to pay, never threatened, unless of course you consider the mandatory letter generated that explained they had X amount of days to get their account brought current or their service would be interrupted. That's business. In the telecommunications industry, the company can go broke if they don't intervene....huge dollars can be accumulated in long distance, etc if not. *shrug*... but the one's I'm really talking about are the ones who run up large bills and then switched to another telephone provider for a fresh start...leaving me with a huge bill to collect on. In the two years I worked in collections, my supervisor received one complaint about me from the customer. It was because I had recommended them to our attorney for court action. Why? First of all, they were one of the ones who had run up a huge bill (over $6K, and this is easy for some businesses to do in less time than it takes to go through the process of the first due date and the date service is interrupted)... A different company (owned by relatives of the above account) had called one day and wanted their "friends" service added to "their" service since they were going to be paying that service from now on. Their friends service was several thousand already. I explained the proper procedures that their "friend" would need to sign release documents and that the account would need to be current before any such changes could occur. They came into the office to sign the paperwork, but I explained to them that it could not be processed until the payment was brought current, again, they were $6K past due. They didn't have the money and assured me the other company was going to pay it, but I politely explained it would have to be paid before it was transfered. It never got paid. Two days later, the company wanting to take over "ownership" of the delinquent account appears in the paper under Chapter 7s. In more simple terms: Company X wanted to have company Y's account moved to Company X. Company X already had several thousand dollars due on Company X account. Company Y was $6K due. So I didn't do it. a few days later, Company X show'd up in the paper under Chapter 7. In other words, they wanted to move Company Ys $6K over to their accounts so that it would be claimed under Company X's B7. Clearly, they were trying to pull a fast one on us. After another couple of months of trying in earnest to get these people to make some sort of payment arrangements with our company and them completely ignoring all efforts on my part, even after what they tried to do, I suggested they be turned over to our attorney. Do you want to know how many people I ever sent to a CA? Maybe 1 in 15. And I am talking about all of the people who were disconnected and already gone to another telephone company. Why? because I put people in the mood to pay me. I was honest with them and totally understood when they told me they were having hard times or emergencies. I accepted $100 one week, maybe $5 or $10 the next as long as they sent the minimum of the arrangement. If I promised them that I would not turn them over to a CA as long as they continually made good on their written arrangements, I didn't. I also sent them a signed agreement too, because I didn't feel it would be right if due to some reorganization or downsizing that I was no longer with the company before their debt was paid, that the next agent wasn't so nice and sent them to collections. I didn't care if they were lying to me about some emergency surgery or death in the family, etc being their reason for not being able to pay the full amount, as long as they made good on our agreement. Who knows, maybe I wouldn't have been so nice and understanding if I had not already walked in these people's shoes and knew how it felt....how the more the CA talked to me like dirt, the more I didn't think they "deserved" to be able to tell the OC "I got your money for you".. I don't know what the reason for me posting this,....maybe just too much time on my hands this morning....but I will tell you this, they (CAs that are ruthless and downright degrading to you) are not treating people like dirt because they have to...they are either too stupid to know that a little sympathy and compassion will get them a long way, or they are just plain and simple a.s.s holes in real life too.
  18. This is my take on it: Most CAs/OCs, etc...would rather settle before going to court. They always run the risk of being out of even more more money (they will have to pay the attorney who reps them in court, whether you have garnishable wages or not...if you don't have money they can garnish, it's costing them in the long run)... if you DV them within SOL, etc and they have proof, proper validation...anything that will back them in court, I believe 99% of the time they will send it to you, whether or not you are requesting it in the initial 30 days or not. If you DV this sleeping dog and they send you bogus crap that is clearly not proof and clearly shows they DON'T have anything to show the judge, then don't worry about being sued too much, if they are dumb enough to sue you, SHOW UP!! show the judge your green cards where you TRIED to work with them, that you didn't believe their information to be correct and you TRIED to take care of this but simply didn't want to pay something you didn't think was accurate...chances are they don't have anything that the judge will agree with and only gambled with the chance that you wouldn't show up in court and they would win by default! If they DO respond to your DV with valid proof of the debt, then try to make agreeable arrangements with them NOW. IF the OC still owns the debt, WRITE to THEM CMRRR and try to work out either a settlement, a PFD (start with that first) or some type of payment arrangements to keep this from going to court. If it is now owned by a JDB, then try to work this out with them. After all, you will now know that they CAN sue you and get a judgement. This is not advice to you to take, I am in no way saying this is the road you need to take, but merely this is what I would do. It is simply an alternate for your consideration. Good luck!
  19. *shrug*....as long as they can't put it on your CR or harm your credit in any way, then let them send the letters....they make great lighters for the fireplace...
  20. I disputed 3 items on my EQ last month and received the results from EQ in yesterday's mail, dated JAN 24. All 3 were verified, one of them is a collection. Today I checked my EQ fico, and that collection is GONE! (I had also sent a DV to the CA about 2 weeks ago, so that maybe have been the reason for the delete, since they did verify with EQ. It's still on the other two, in my DV, I told them to remove ALL reporting, maybe it just takes a little longer for some of the other agencys to delete? at any rate, it's pretty old still had over a year left on it though, so I'm glad.
  21. yeah, and you can zap those inquires over night with EQ!!
  22. Maybe you didn't realize it, but when you ask should we trust it (the web site), you have to understand, we all are the website. I mean, yeah, there is a lot of info here that the site owner has put up, but for the most part, all of their stuff is fact based with links to it's sources. Most people who come here for help, get a lot of it by reading the site information, and then asking the members if they've tried it, how it worked for them.... so I guess in a sense, some of us will take your question a little on the personal side, in a way, we ARE the website. Do I trust the website? Sure the actual info that is linked to supporting information, I would.......most of the members here? Sure, especially the ones who have been around a long time who remember not only their own experiences, but those they've read about from other members.....and there are a few members who haven't been here long or have very little post who know what they are talking about too. how ever, I would hope that most people who come here for help would not simply place their faith in what a person here says, regardless of who they are, simply because none of us can completely know another's debt circumstances enough to give 100% accurate info. as for the CCCS ...I wouldn't use one, mostly because I can do everything they do, I don't want them showing on my report, and also because they don't always pay in time to avoid a late showing on that TL.... *peels the bullseye target off your back* Welcome to the boards!!
  23. Not only should you get it in writing, but if it were still with the OC and the CA was collecting for them, you would need to get it in writing from the OC too. You see: (1) CA owns it, and the agreement is not in writing, they could always come back for the balance, your word against theirs. (2) The OC still owns it and you get the settlement in writing from the CA, then the OC can go for the balance and say that THEY didn't agree to the settlement and it is THEIR account. *tapping my foot*...were you TALKING on the phone with these CAs????
  24. what was the outcome? did you finally get rid of them? How? Would you be willing to share details of the debt they were trying to collect?
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