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  1. Has anyone else found that TRUECREDIT site was down. I was unable to get into the site after I put in username and password, it said unable to find server. I tried several times.
  2. Thanks Willingtocope I did a search at the USPS on line, and I was able to print out a delivery confirmation. They did receive it. Diehard
  3. Where is everybody at??? Can I get some feed back from all of you. I was looking for more than one comment on this. I keep checking, and no one else has posted anything. I'm being stressed with this CA. Diehard
  4. I had sent a CA a validation letter CMRR in April, and they did not validate. They did not send my card back. Then I pulled my TC report and they had already started reporting it the same week they sent me their letter. So I sent them another letter stating that they cannot report anything without first validating the debt. When I checked my report again, they inserted consumer disputes as a comment. So I disputed again with the CRA. Now, the CA sent me a computer generated printout of the account with no information in the print out with key information missing. Their letter stated that their documents constitutes verification. They also included a check off letter for me to check all the items that would be reasons for my inaccuracy dispute, and to sign date, and return. I already know how much the paper is worth that they sent me. What I am not sure of is, does their "verification", make the fact that they did not validate in April before they started reporting a mute point. Diehard
  5. Texan: I am in agreement with aspidermonkey. They don't think you are supposed to know anything about how heavily the inaccuracies weigh in reporting to your CR. I got the same letter. It is a stall tactic. They surely have identified the right person if they sent you the letter. My arguement is I disputed on line with my myFICO account. You can only dispute online with EX. So, the same information I identified myself with in order for myFICO to pull my EX report is the same identifiable information that I used to get EX to pull the same report that they used at myFICO. . They may be devilish, but they don't use common sense. Diehard
  6. Can anyone tell me what the next step is after MOV. I have requested MOV, and it came back No Verification Documents Available. I read somewhere on the site that you can request something after this, but I cannot recall what it is, so that I can do a search for it. Thanks for your help.
  7. I just sent a letter two weeks ago, at the only address that I had. EXPERIAN P O BOX 9701 Allen, TX 75013-9701 It did not come back, and I did not CMRR. This was to correct personal info. I had tried to dispute it on line but I did not have the option to put in what I needed.
  8. Thanks to FirstSource, and 2ndTimeAround for your answers. This helps me a lot. I may have to consider this info if my scores does not increase to where I need them to be. Diehard
  9. When applying for new credit. you can notifiy EXP, EQU, that you want to lift the freeze. Your freeze lift, can be time specific, or indefinite. It's up to you. But, 5 days is long enough for them to review your files for credit approval, then put the freeze back on. TC members you can do it automatically with a lock and unlock button at their site. The CRAs will only release your information to the prospective creditor that you provide to the CRAs. If you are not a member of TC, you can get your free annual CR from TU, which is good for only 30 days (if I'm not mistaken), and you will see the lock/and unlock option. Diehard
  10. swtguy: The account freezing is not only for identity theft victims, but it is also a safeguard against YOU becoming a victim of identity theft. So, let's say you're were on the road of rebuilding your credit and you finally become a member of the 700 club. Then you start getting a lot of collection calls, and letters stating that your account is past due, or your mortgage is 90 days late. You scratch your head, and say what is going on? You haven't applied for anything, and you definitely did not apply for a new mortgage. This is application fraud, and the account freeze protects you against this type of identity theft. It's the best safeguard for the prevention of identity theft. So, IMHO, I would opt out first, and then do the account freeze at all 3 CRAs.
  11. the 1 888 # for the OPT out stops all solicitation for credit offers. The creditors will not be able to do a soft pull on your file, nor will you get a lot of junk mail for credit card offers at your home.
  12. Are you talking about the TrueCredit security lock? If TU has it directly on their site, post us a link. TransUnion operates TrueCredit, and FreeCreditProfile. TU is simply TransUnion.com Otherwise this is old news. Yes it is old news. I first posted it there when I responded to Advosluths' inquiry about whether or not freezes were deceptive to creditors, if disputing. Then you reposted it stating that you wanted everyone to know that TU had a security freeze. http://www.debt-consolidation-credit-repair-service.com/forums/showthread.php?t=269718 I'm glad we cleared it up, because the way it sounded when I read your post was that it wasn't possible to do it online except on TU. Thanks for specifying what you meant.There was nothing confusing about my post. I said that TU is the only site that has a lock/unlock button. , with a simple click of your mouse...... Diehard
  13. CreditSultan : I was talking about a simple click of your mouse. TU is the only CRA that has a lock/unlock button at their site. EXP has a format you have to complete, submit their confirmation number, name, add, DOB....... yada yada. TU is simple, and quick. Diehard
  14. What is the difference between a freeze and a fraud alert?SecretAgentWoman: By the time you get a Fraud Alert the theft damage has already been done. The monitoring site and the FA is only alerting you that it has occurred. The lock/or the security freeze stops it before it happens. With a FA if someone tries to get a credit card, the creditor would have to contact you to process the application. The FA tells the creditor to be extra careful in approving the account because there is a FA, and your files are open for anyone to pull. The security freeze locks your files completely where no one is allowed access to your files. You would literally have to unlock your files, or notify the bureaus that you want to unlock, or lift the freeze temporarily, permanently, or time specific, i.e. (5) days. This would allow a business transaction that you are trying to conduct to be processed. If you want to lock or freeze your files again you just contact the bureaus, or go back to TU and lock your files again. You can do this as often as you like. TU is the only CRA that has a lock/unlock button at their site. EXP and EQ has not implemented a lock/unlock button yet. Diehard
  15. Could it seem deseptive to creditors if you are disputing your debt in any way?I don't think they allow you to freeze your accounts while you are in a dispute. Once the investigation is over you can. TU has a lock and unlock at their website. You can lock your TU file with a click of the mouse. This is not a freeze, but it does stop anyone from looking into your files. Its almost as if you have a lock on the door and you need someone to let you in. The freeze is more like you have a lock, and a security system on the door. Now you need the key, and the passcode to get through the door. This is long overdue for all the unscrupulous people of the world who do unauthorized things, and open accounts, and max them out using someone else's information. I never worried about it when my credit was not worth anyone's time. But now that I understand credit, and I am improving my scores, this is hard earned credit that I have worked for, and I want to protect it. Diehard