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  1. Thanks for the reply. I kind of thought that. Can I just close them or do we both have to do it? He will act a fool I know but I want to be free and clear of him. So can I just call them and have them close it. The balence is too large to take care of.
  2. Hi Guys long time My life is just upside down. Im paying my credit cards off and as they are paid I put that one away and use one that has A balence while I pay that one off. Sims to be working but all that FREE MONEY is tempting. I will be going throgh a divorce at the beginning of the year. I just need his pay check to help clear up the mess WE made. I read and keep updated on all. Hope your holidays are great. Just one question-We have a couple of joint acconts that I would like to have my name removed from. Can I just do that or will I have to close the account?
  3. Trying to clear up old med bills. These are not on our credit report (yet). I have some as far back as 2001. Ive decided to work on the 2005 and up. My question is how far back should I pay these type bills and are they under the 7 yr rule. These are old medical bills I have lying in a box and am now financially able to start paying them. All are relativly small and I just feel the need to get them off my bill books.
  4. what a cute pup. Just picked up my new pup 3 wks ago. Her name is Gracie and she is a Brussels Griffon. Saw the movie "As Good as it Gets" and fell in love with that funny looking dog. 8 years later I finanlly get one. Havent had a pup for 14 years and now I remember why LOL. My husband says if I do the training its a good bet we'll be calling cesar millan. Keep me posted on any tips you can offer, esp. potty training, and how your doing.
  5. That is so unfair due to the circumstances. My husband bought to thier attention to see how much they are selling them for to get a more accurate dollor amount. Also he ask them if I lived in a 100,000.00 home and the house across the street sold for 25,000 would my house be worth that much too. Those 2 houses were bought cheap with the sole purpose of resale. I know I know thats the way it is but its stupid and unfair:evil: so let me vent
  6. we were refinancing our home and taking a little extra out for home repairs. We just got off the phone with countrywide about the appraser. They appraised our house much much lower because 2 houses down the street sold for about 20-25 thousand . Those homs were 1 a forcloser the other fell to preditory lending.. Thats what were based on:confused: Can they do this????
  7. Just be careful they dont set up the payment agreement that states its a judgement and they have won thier case. I thought mine was over until they sent the paper work stating I am signing a judgement form for the agreement/settlement. Wouldnt do it so back to court I go. Good Luck
  8. My child is special needs and would never do that. He is 12 but mentally 7 or 8. That child has issues.
  9. thanks charles for your response. this is a work comp. so I tend to disappear. can you suggest any other type of loan we might try? we are doing home improvements and need about 10,000.
  10. we have a morgage under countrywide. they send us letters all the time offering a home equity loan. we finaly call we get a guy from jersey-we live in ohio who tells us we dont qualify for the loan but he can refi for FHA loan with the amount we requested added. Called my frien and she said no way. This guy sounds like a broker tring to get a better percentage in his pocket. I would think its harder to refi and add amount to refi than just take out the HEL. and use house as collatoral. house worth 58-62 thousand owe 40 thousand want home eq. for 10,000. credit scores high 627s low 589 thank
  11. posted here before about capt1. long story short. captl sought summery judgement and it was granted. I filed to dismiss on grounds of not validating. It was dismised. Went to court -set up agreement and hoped it was fine. I refused to sign papers from capt 1 because it would be listed on my credit report as a judgement. Capt1 attorney gets mad refiles against me for a new court date and discovery. I file stating our agreement and how I will honor it(had a copy of the letter I sent capt1 on my conditions attached just to show judge I am not tring to ease out of it). The letter just states I wi
  12. they report to all three. yep! COs on 2 cards on all three. to bad I messed them up.
  13. great luck on that spree. good luck on the others. wish it were me.
  14. heyyyy I remember you. Good to see you back. Next time dont up and leave Give a girl a call just joking8-).
  15. female menber of name. married 16 years soon to be divorced.