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  1. Since she financed the last two cars her score has dropped from about 620 to the mid 500's. I actually have a couple potential buyers for my Lincoln so it would probably show as paid anywhere from 2 to 3 months. She is going to subscribe to a credit monitoring site in the next week or so and then we'll be able to make a couple inquiries without hurting the score to much. What would help me the most at this point would be any suggestions regarding online lenders. Do you know any lenders that deal with scores in these areas.
  2. I currently have a 02 Lincoln LS that I'm desperately trying to get rid of. It was financed by my mom about a year and a half ago along with another car from the same dealer. The two loans were made through two different lenders so there are two different car notes. About seven months ago my car was in a bad accident but instead of being totaled my insurance paid out about 10,000 to fix it. The only problem with that is the car has ran like crap every since then and the only reason that I still have it to this point is because my extended warranty has been taking care of the problems. Unfortunatley, my warranty is almost up and I still owe alot of money on this car. My mom wants to help me get another car but since she financed these two she has another car due to an accident and her score has dropped a bit. I want to sell this car for what I can and pay the balance of the loan out of pocket so that I can get another one. I would like to know what is the best approach my mom can take to make sure she can get a auto loan before I try to sell this one. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  3. I have poor credit so I'm looking to get and secured card from First Premiere. I'm aware of the charges that are incured from just participating but I'm having a difficult time finding out how much my monthly payment will be if I don't use the card at all one I recieve it. Could someone please let me know what it would be and is this card worth it. Also, what about canceling it after better cards are aquired?
  4. I've been working on my credit with this site for a couple of months now and I can say that it has help me a whole lot (and I got a couple of TL's deleted too) . I've came across quite a few posts that talk about building your credit score by applying for secured loans from CU's. Some posts say that you can use CD's and then open a high yield checking account and long as your interest is equal or more than what your paying out:shock: . I totally understand the concept but I'm still pretty new to this and want to make sure that I understand this correctly. So here it goes: 1. Open a CD with a CU with the highest interest possible. 2. At the same bank, apply for a secured loan through the CD for the same amount. 3. Take the money from the secured loan and deposit it into a high yield checking account (ING, HSBC Direct, etc.). 4. Pay 50% of the total loan before first payment is due, pay another half when second payment is due, and then pay the rest in 4 equal payments using the money available in your high yield checking account. Is this how it is suppose to be done? Any and everbody that has any knowledge of this issue please help
  5. Could someone help me find some good Pay For Delete and Goodwill Letters? I am trying to clean up my credit with a couple of OC's but can't find any letters to send them.
  6. Do you already have the agreement in writing?
  7. Make sure that you respond to all of the CAs with a DV letter within 30 days. If you haven't already you should be able to find sample letters on this website. Don't forget to send them Certified Mail w/ return reciept so that you have proof that these letters were sent. After you recieve the green cards back be sure to dispute all of the TLs again. If the CAs are still reporting as verified without verifiying to you they are in violation.
  8. None of my TLs say sold to another lender but I'm sure most of them are or at least the OC would have you to believe that.
  9. Does anybody know how to read an Eq report. There is a section that has Collection Agency Information and says in parenthesis this section includes accounts that credit grantors have placed for collection with a collection agency. Does that mean that the OC is still in charge of the accounts? If this is true I was thinking about sending the OCs a PFD letter.
  10. "No information" means they are reporting Inaccurate or Incomplete Information.
  11. Has anyone had any luck getting deletions from CA's upon payment?
  12. I think you should dispute NCO on all of your CR's first. I actually disputed most of my TLs before I started the DV process. I recieved my EX report back and I had two deletions; NCO FIN and HSBC NV. Now that's a good way to start.
  13. And SOL starts when? What date am I looking for on my CR's?
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