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  1. So I pulled all 3 credit reports (separately) and I don't have anything by "Atlantic Credit & Finance" under collections. I do have an inquiry from the Attorneys Office only on my Experian report. The inquiry was made 1 day before they had sent the letter out. How is it possible Atlantic Credit & Finance (so they say) has my file and its not listed on any of my three credit reports, but the law office is listed? any input appreciated
  2. This is the only letter I have received. Its from a local attorneys office and he signed it. The CA that hired the lawyer is "Atlantic Credit & Finance". And in the letter it just has a case #. My original O.C. is not listed as well as the original account number. I called atlantic credit and finance and they referred me the the attorneys office, They said they legally cant speak to me about my file, if i want to speak i need to talk to the attorneys office. Also am i held responsible for attorneys fee's? or just the principal + interest?? Also they have the adress to my parents house on file, I have moved , so what happends if they happen to serve me there. Were still in the same state, but im just about 50 miles away (in a different county).
  3. I received a letter from a lawyers office representing a CA. They are seeking a balance from 2 years ago for $4,500. I have a week before I can pay them, after that they will send my documents off to a courthouse and get them signed. They advised me to pay the full ammount becuase after it goes through I would be held accountable for more, she said interest + laywer fee's (around 2k). They also want me to pay in a cashiers check. Id like to get this done with asap incase i do actually get served, but am i only responsible for the 4500? or am i liable for the 4500 + interest + lawyer fee's? I completely understand the principal + interest, but im not so sure on the fee's? At this point I dont think I can validate the debt. Any advice or comments would greatly be appreciated
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