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  1. whocares-KS huh? Not many of us on these boards. Gonna pass on some very valuable info next week about KS consumer protection laws and such. Gotta wait till the case is over before I spew any of the details. See ya next week. MadinKS
  2. I posted the ones from the BBB on your other post.
  3. Man lolah, you need to lighten up. If you can't laugh and cut loose every once in awhile this SH!T will drag you under! Did you know that laughter adds 8 years to your life? Seems to me you're at about -64 right now. Laugh a little.
  4. Here is what the BBB has for him. Not sure which is the loser you're lookin' for.
  5. Good work. Like to see success stories every once in awhile. Congrats.
  6. Definitely DV it (send a DV to each CA). If you let it go, it will end up right back on your CR. CYA! Good luck.
  7. Just kinda back. I have to keep my mouth shut for awhile on the advise of the atty. I am still lurking though. Thanks. Howdy Z.
  8. SAW- Well, you finally did it. You surpassed the Madin! I'm so proud of you. I've been on the lamb by the advise of my atty but wanted to let everyone know that I'm not dead. Madin out. Da Bears. Who de? HA!
  9. I was kicked off TC last week for too much access! I explained to the rep at TC that if I pay for a service and that service provides a link to update every 24 hrs., how is that too much access? Stupid f#cks!!! I'm a little pissed right now because they accused me of trying to tamper with the credit reports. How can you allow someone to update every 24 hours and then when they do, tell them they are tampering with it? I am going to talk to my attorney and see what he has to say. I'm game for a class action if it comes up. Madin out.
  10. Congrats on become an 800er. I'm quite jealous. Maybe someday.....
  11. Can't really answer that. I wouldn't think that his would drop but I'm not sure they would add you as a joint card holder without running your credit. That may prevent you from taking advantage of that little deal. Always no until you ask though. Good luck.
  12. The new FICO scoring model is going to be changed this year to ignore AUs so adding someone else's seasoned account will be of no use. Now, if you can be added to a seasoned account as a joint holder, that would be a definite plus to your score. Read about AU and the new FICO scoring here: http://www.credit.com/credit_information/credit_report/Consumer-Alert-FICO-Formula-Changes.jsp
  13. I wouldn't. Force them to validate or violate. TX statutes allow for DV even if it's past the Federal 30 day window. For debtors in TX, the JDB/CAs don't have the choice of ignoring your DV. You may want to mention that in your letter as well.
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