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  1. NFCU is the best. I have the quadfecta with them. Mast, Visa, Sign LOC and an aircraft loan. They are great.
  2. Does anyone know of a good business card that has a 0% balance transfer intro rate? It needs to be business card so it won't show on my personal credit report. B of A and Wells Fargo don't have one... Thanks
  3. Does one have to be late to negotiate a settlement on an outstanding CC balance? Or can/will they listen to a hardship issue and negotiate while one is making on time minimum payments? Thanks!
  4. Can Homecomings financial which has a second position on a house initiate a foreclosure? It is not a heloc. The last 3 payments were missed and they said if one is not made by the 30th they will be putting a sticker on the door soon. 1st note is $254k 2nd is $33k, house is worth $115k. Thanks!
  5. In applying for an aircraft loan today I found out some interesting info. They pulled TU score 719 BUT 2 old lates from 2004, a few 30 day and a few 60 day lates. The guy said even though I have the score he will have a tough time pushing it through due to the lates that still show. Tried a different bank, same thing. So I guess old lates do matter.....
  6. After spending much time researching airplane loans (i know know) I decided to apply with NFCU for *hits and grins. Now mind you I have been a great customer for all of 10 months now, but I was approved.....for $82,000 with no money down, no questions asked. They pulled EQ (687). Throughout the course of the last 10 months I have opened up the go rewards mc with a $25k limit, flagship visa $5k and the navcheck loc $15K. I have used and abused the MC, running it up to $20k and paying it off, doing balance transfers and paying it off again etc. I have only used the visa once for a computer purchase $1200 and paid it off on the first statement and have not used the LOC. The interested rate was too high at 10.25% compared to traditional finance joints at 7% but it was an interesting experiment indeed. They never cease to amaze me. Aforementioned remarks were merely a comment on NFCU and not meant to elicit comments on borrowing money.
  7. Just curious how far back banks look on CR's. For example on EX I have a 719 score but have 4 old lates (4 years) and 1 CO (4 years also). Will they look at the 719 and call it good or will they look deep and say "yeah 719 but look at these lates from 2004." ? Is it worth trying to repair the old lates? Thanks!
  8. checked it and no lates... just the increase in amount owed.
  9. The ONLY thing I did was access 14k of my 15k line of credit. I understand the drop from 709 to 657 because of that, but why the change from good to not good on my payment history when there has been no lates. This from Myfico... Thanks
  10. No I swear they said the dudes name was Manuel! So the fact that I applied for a business LOC and got the in "7-10 day you will get a letter" routine does not mean I was denied?
  11. I read in another thread about which cards to close etc. Someone mentioned that the OP's cards were junk and would not look good during "manuel underwriting". What exactly is manuel underwriting and does it happen each time you apply? I have a junk card now (orchard, hate calling them junk) but some prime ones too and I am wondering if I need to cancel the junk ones at this point or let the new ones age first. And is a Cap One card with a high interest rate considered junk? Thanks
  12. NFCU approved me today for the NAV Check Loc with a $15k limit. Had to send in W2 and it had to go to the review board but what more can I say about how great Navy is? I have all the credit I need, now back to lurk mode. I love this board and could not have done it without all the info and helpful replies to my questions. Thanks all!
  13. I have been a member for 7 months and have a gorewards MC with a 10k limit. When I got the card I took a large cash advance of $9500 to pay taxes with and have paid it down to $500. Asked for a CLI to $30k today and they gave me $20k limit on the spot and are reviewing it for the full $30k. I also applied for the NAC Check loc and it is under review as well. FWIW they pulled EQ and I have a 709. I love them too...
  14. Well, I applied for the personal Blue cash and was approved for $5000 . So they must have more strict guidelines for business cards.
  15. I applied for the Blue cash for business. It being a business card may have been the reason. Can I reapply for a regular personal Amex or is it worth even trying having been turned down?