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  1. OK, so here is the latest. My credit score with them showed up as a "D", their score shows 642 from Experian. I was bummed out cause I know my score was higher than that so I went to MyFICO and bought my score and from them it shows 708. I think their scoring is off a little bit and beleive it may be done intentionally so that they can make an extra buck on the intrest rates. They have to keep it appealing to the community lenders so they too can make a profit for lending. I did not join a group, although I wish I had. I will definately use this service in the future, it was very fast and easy. I applied for $3000 and my loan was funded 100% within a day. I had 9 bids total and I just recieved an email stating that the money will be transferred to my account with 2-4 business days. I will pay this off as soon as I see it hit my credit report, 30-60 days from now. I have just signed up to start lending as well, try and make a few dollars on the side. So far so good, if something changes I will update my post. Good Luck!
  2. After doing some research, I went ahead and gave it a try. So far so go, my loan is funded about 1/3 of the way. We will see what happens, it only pulled from Experian.
  3. You can dispute the inquiries with Experian very easy if you have a fraud alert on your account. I did this and removed 17 inquiries. It took a day to get a fraud alert put on my file (did that over the phone) then I sent them a letter stating they were not mine. They became a dispute item and 30 days later....all gone. Sent in the letter to request a fraud alert removal and everything was clean. Over all it took about 45 days but it was well worth it.
  4. Here is what I have learned just recently, I too am doing the mortgage thing right now. The first things that a lender will look at is your DTI (Debt to Income Ratio), both the front side and the backside. Rule of thumb is that the new mortgage payment should not be more than 28% on the frontside and 38% on the backside. Front side is new mortgage by itself, backside is all other bills and the mortgage. At your W2 of $65k you shouldnt go above $1500 per month payment (which is 28%) unless you can make the streth and prove it. With what you have stated on bills, your backside would be about 39% if you had a $1500 mortgage. Now, you ask can we afford $230k+, it all depends on how you do your mortgage. If you can get a prime rate, say 6.5% on a 30yr fixed, a $230k home would run you about $1450 per month before PMI, Taxes or Ins. The lenders that I have been talking to lately are stating that due to the fallout of the sub prime market, 660 is now the magic score if you want a decent rate. If you were to take the same $230k home and get it at 7.5% your payments would be $1600 per month before PMI, Taxes or Ins. Without having any money saved, you will need to figure out what you will do for closing costs, usually about 2.5% of the sale price so even if you have 100% financing for the note, you will still need to have a little bit set aside. Keep in mind, there are many programs out there, just depends on how you want it set up and what your overall goals are. If you stay under $260k, you can go FHA and there are many programs to help with closing and down payments that do not have to be repaid. Good Luck!
  5. Does anyone know how long it takes before they report? Has been a little over 30 days for me and still nothing and yes, I did make a purchase to make sure something would show up.
  6. No Falsehood just Facts... Not trying to argue with you but I am speaking out of experience. I have raised my score by over 100 points in the last 90 days so I know that it definately works regardless of what this board says. If you read all the threads in detail, there are times that you have to make a call that is specific to your situation. Paying it off will not reset it, it will only show up as paid which, is true, its not much better than being delinquent HOWEVER....you want to build trust with new creditors especially for buying a home. Keep reading, not everything on this board is set in stone.
  7. Why not just pay it if it is such a small amount? Once it is paid, you can dispute it within a couple of months. The CA's dump the records once payment is recieved. You want a house but you are not willing to pay existing debt that is minor? The idea of credit repair is to get back on track, not keep running from what we owe!
  8. HiBlues....I dont want to be offensive but would you please stop with all the primer links and referals in all the threads, we are aware of them and you are just creating unnecessary bumps on the thread.
  9. The original amount was around $235 is all, now ERS is wanting $360. This is a very small amount and I dont even mind paying it so long as I can can get a PFD. Last payment was made 12/2003.
  10. Looking for help on this one.... I sent a DV to ER Soultions for a CO from Comcast. Sent it via CMRRR, got the card back and a couple of days later, I got a hand addressed envelope in the mail. The return address on the envelope was Comcast. Inside the envelope was a simple screen print from someones computer and nothing else. The screen print was showing the account information that had my name, old address, statement balance and it showed as being charged off. There was no letter or anything or even who it came from. I called Comcast to inquire about it since the return address on the envelope had their name on it. Comcast said they did not have the account anymore and it was sold to ER Solutions. My question is, does a screen print server as adequate validation? If not, what do I do next? I went ahead and did the one two punch as soon as I got my green card back but not sure how to proceed at this point.
  11. Just put in the creditors name and under the account number field I put "Inquiry month/day/year" (Example "Inquiry 03/05/07") as listed on the CR.
  12. Just an FYI...This was posted earlier by someone else so I tried it and it worked great, score jumped by 9 points. You can remove your EQ inquires right at their website, 6 at a time, it is very easy and it does work! Removed them all lastnight about 10:00pm and by noon the next day they were all gone. Go here https://www.econsumer.equifax.com/consumer/sitepage.ehtml?forward=online_dispute and enter in your zip code. At the top of the next page right under the Red Colored Welcome Message, you can select "click here" if you dont have a confirmation number. You can only do 6 at a time but you can go back and do all of them. I removed 16 inquires.
  13. Here are both sheets for anyones use. Original (Office 2007 (More Features)) http://www.tmellc.com/CRA_Worksheet.xlsx Converted (Office 97-2003 or Open Office or Google Free Sheets and Docs) http://www.tmellc.com/CRA_Worksheet.xls
  14. Hey All, I am a newbie fighting the same battles as everyone else. Here is a quick worksheet that I am using, feel free to download it and use as needed. It is in a Microsoft Excel 2007 format. Being as how not everyone has that yet, If you cant open it, you can download a free reader from Microsoft off of the downloads page. Worksheet http://www.tmellc.com/CRA_Worksheet.xlsx Good Luck!
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