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  1. :confused:Okay, trying to become a homeowner. Lender advises that I would need to satisfy account with CA. Problem is I have been disputing this account for more than a year now. The CA has removed them from TU and EQ but EX refuses to budge. After more than year plus, the CA sent me a partial statement showing only late charges for the OC which didn't add up to the amount they are indicating I owe. I have always disputed the account as "Not Mine" because as a child a relative opened up credit in my name. I discovered such when I grew older. I contacted the CA, I asked for documentation reflecting the full amount which they are demanding; she says they don't have an additional information, so I won't receive any. She said to fill out the id fraud form. I read that if I feel out the form, it opens up new doors allowing the CA to attempt to gather additional information like credit card application and such. In the end, I don't want to have to finger out the credit theft relative but I just don't know what else to do. Any suggests? Closing is just around the corner. Of course, with closing, I do not have any additional funds. I am at my wits end with EX and the CA.
  2. I waited for the consolidation letter from Orchard but the denial letter arrived first indicating "the data provided does not match our records". How stupid since I had to verify all this information before a representative would even assist me with the account? After courteously being transferred three times, I was connected with a credit analyst. "I don't know why that happens; it's just a computer generated letter; I'll process it correctly." Congrats you're approved for a $100CLI with a $30CLI fee." >>> My response, "No thank you; I will wait to consolidate the ccs for a larger CL. Then I can apply for a better hsbc card that isn't subprime since I will only have one HSBC card. >>> Now, I just have to wait for the consolidation letter. Thanks Orchard for helping me rebuild my credit; now you can keep my socks organized8-).
  3. Like many, I received a whooping $20 credit limit increase on my Orchard Card. I called to see if it was a joke but the joke was apparently on me. I asked for a credit limit increase and of course was denied. BLAH BLAH, we periodically review your account for credit limit increases. BOA and Cap1 tell me when my account will be reviewed;WTDH can't you? I asked to consolidate my two orchard ccs both had $300 credit limit until this $20 increase. After placing me on hold, she returned to explain that she would need to send me a consolidation letter out. In the meantime, both cards remain open. I planned on paying off the balance of one of the $320 cc next Friday. Can anyone whom may have completed consolidation with two orchard ccs, please provide an experience or advice? Did it hurt your credit score? I have had one card for almost three years and another almost a year. Should I expect any loop holes in this consolidation letter? Thanks.
  4. This question could have been asked and answered but I simply couldn't find an definite answer. Can FHA loans be used to purchase new modular homes?
  5. I recently completed a complaint with the AG office against Midland Credit. How long did it take before you heard a response back from the AG's office? I sent them a complete file via fax as it indicated I could. I haven't gotten a response that they have received such or that they are investigating the matter. I have the same concerns for the FTC complaint.
  6. So after much hardwork repairing my credit, I am finally at a point where I feel comfortable asking Chase to approve me for a Disney Rewards Card. I regrettably received the denial letter. I am debating as to whether I should call for a reconsideration or simply compose a reconsideration letter. Has anyone done both for the same denied application? My denial indicates I have high balances compared to credit limit. However, none of my balances are accurrately reported. Most importantly I have two subprime cards that have refused to give me a credit limit increase and I have had one them for two years.I correct that, one creditor gave me an increase of $20 without asking to cover the annual fee. How generous! I was hoping to transfer at least one credit card to a new chase card. Any experience with Chase would be greatly appreciated.
  7. I recently had a tradeline deleted. Do I wait for the CRA to report to the other two to have this tradeline deleted on their reports? Should I send a copy of the deletion statement to the CRAs and ask them to update their files?
  8. Here goes: I am going to court with XYZ CA. I sent them the request for production of documents months ago. I received a package from them late last week. In their initial case, they were suing for $2k, however, my credit report reflects $5k for this tradeline. I have repeatedly disputed this account with the bureaus and all have verified. Remarkably, XYZ CA indicated that they were assigned the account by OC. They sent a bill of sale which doesn't reflect the accounts they purchased only the date they purchased the accounts. Also, they sent a copy of a printout of several accounts and underlined the account which they are suing me for; it reflects a different amount, thousands off of the previous amounts I listed. In previous court documents, they indicated they could present the original credit card agreement bearing my signature and the account's statements. Yet, when I received the packet, the account agreement was a general agreement for OC accounts; nothing specify to account which they are suing me for; stated that the account statements were to be supplied at a later date, and couldn't explain or show how the balance was calculated. Any advice on my next actions would be appreciated...that is court, dunning letter to XYZ collection agency, and CRAs.
  9. Simple question: Do you include the weekend when calculating your timeframe? Does 30 days include the weekend?
  10. I was offered the BOA secured card (not the 99/500). It sounds like a great ideal for re-establishing credit. I would be glad to hear anyone's thoughts on their experience with this card and graduating to an unsecured card.
  11. Okay, so I wanted to add some new credit. I applied for the carnival cruise seamiles through Juniper. I first got the response that additional time is need to make a decision. I guess that was better than no at the time. I later checked the status of the application and was sad to hear that I was denied. The reason for denial: Based on the information provided in your application, you did not score enough points when compared with other applicants. The primary reasons you did not score enough points are listed below: Level of delinquency accounts. Proportion of balances to credit limits is too high on bank revolving or other revolving accounts. Time since delinquency is too recent or unknown. I really would like to compose a reconsideration letter. How would you answer or explain the primary reasons below? I did have some accounts which were 30+ late in September; however, everything has been on time since then. I know that 7 months isn't the best for indicating timely payments but it should be a start. Any ideas or suggestions?
  12. I apologize if this question has been repeatedly asked and answered; however, I am having trouble understanding what my next step is. This is my situation: I disputed a TL with Cavalry Portfolio Services on two different accounts through EQ; while investigated the TL, I sent a dv letter CMRR to Cavalry. They verified the account with EQ. They didn't send any documentation in reference to my dv letter but signed the CMRR. I called EQ asked the MOV and was advised that she wasn't sure how info was verified and so another dispute was launched. Again the dispute came back verified, I called EQ again to determine MOV and she indicated that it was verified through an electronic response. I again advised her of the above she indicated that I should send all correspondence sent to Cavalry to EQ and initiate another dispute. In the meantime, Cavalry is suing me in court and saying that Citi has assigned them this account. I disputed the Citi account with EQ and it was deleted without incident as a matter of fact all accounts bearing a Citi name were disputed and deleted; how do you suggest I use this in my defense? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. This worksheet came from the Court of Common Pleas. Any help anyone can offer would be appreciated. Tee
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