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  1. I think the reason why all of the people who have AA or some sort of vocational training are successful is because they are working for themselves. You will almost never make decent money working for someone else!
  2. The countries infrastructure is in a bad shape, specifically water works, power grid, railroad system and bridges. The money given to banks in a form of a bailout should have been spent on public works, because it needs to be done any way.
  3. Also ZeroHedge | On a long enough timeline the survival rate for everyone drops to zero might be of interest to world economy geeks.
  4. As far as i know Iceland was not in EU. Therefore they would first have to leave the EU than default on all debts. Worked out for Iceland.
  5. 10 things (files, software, programs etc) you will find in a teenager’s laptop. 1. porn
  6. Hi, I have disputed an inquiry on my credit report from experian. The inquiry has no information, it is litterally a blank. Experian comes back (disputed online) saying that the inquiry is a factual record of file acess. It also says that if I have additional questions i should contact the creditor and lists the information regrading the creditor as blank?! Do I have a case for suing the CRA? How could they have verified it if they don't even list the name and address of the creditor? How should i procced on suing them if I can? Thanks
  7. Experian won't let me redispute items on my credit report. Here's the message I get when i try to dispute: We have already investigated this information, and the source, creditor or public record has verified that it is correct. If you still have a question about it, you may want to contact the source, or if you have additional relevant information, click here. what can i do?
  8. My dad owns a house that is worth 250K but the mortgage is 350K. Can he file bankrutpcy (7 or 13) to modify his mortgage from 350k to 250k which is the present market value of the house. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  9. Hi, I just pulled my free transunion credit report. My capital one tradeline, which was included in bankruptcy (bankruptcy was discharged in 2008 and deleted from transunoin begining 2009) is still shown as a adverse account and rightly so. However, transunion report that the accout was opened on 8/2004 and that it was CLOSED on 4/2004. How do i take advantage of this in terms of getting a delete? Write a nutcase letter? Sue if the verify through mail? Thanks
  10. karnoir


    would me asking the attorney that did my bankruptcy to send a letter to the attorney that has a judgment against me be the easiest way? Or should i try to contact the lawyer on my own? Maybe send him a copy of my bankruptcy papers? Isn't verifying a judgment a violation if the judgment was discharged through bankruptcy?
  11. karnoir


    I have filed bankruptcy last year and all my debts had been discharged in March 2008. All judgements have been erased from equifax and experian except transuion. One problem is that transunion does not have my bankruptcy listed on my credit report. I have disputed the judgement with transunion numerous times but it comes back verified. How do I remove it from my credit report without letting them put bankruptcy on my credit report?
  12. Thanks one more question: If do get a financing for a house that is paid off, do i have to pay income tax on that amount, even though there was no profit and I'm giving the money back to my parents?
  13. So i can't buy a house with cash and then finance it? My plan is to buy it with cash from my parents + mine and once the house is mine I was planning on getting a mortage. Paying cash gives me leverage when negotiating with the bank. hm?
  14. What happens when I buy a house for cash, lets say 70,000. Then I go to a bank and get a mortgage for it, do i have to pay income tax on the money the bank gives me in return for the deed? Can i mortgage the house (paid 70,000) for 100,000 if it is appraised for 130,000? Thanks