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  1. Yes, I am looking at Their update dropped my score by over 30 points.
  2. I am wondering if it is legal or standard practice for Capital One to update my credit report multiple times per month? My billing cycle ends on the 2nd of the month. Typically, Capital One will update the credit bureaus a few days after that (between the 6th-8th of the month). I have noticed a few times now that if my balance increases during the month that Capital One will update my report again with the increased balance. For example, I typically pay off my balance when my payments are due and then use my card throughout the month. For this reporting period, I paid it leaving a balance
  3. @BV80 Could you please give me an example of what would show that they willfully violated the FCRA? Because I have contacted them multiple times, given them documented proof that what they were reporting was incorrect and they responded directly to me that they were reporting correctly and would not change it. They have continually verified the account as reporting accurately to the CRAs despite my documented proof that they were not. That seems pretty willful to me. Yes, I have been denied credit and I have received high interest rates. It is currently negatively affecting me because I am
  4. @BV80 Yes, I've contacted them directly many times and they always assert that they are reporting accurate information. My experience has been that they will then verify as accurate with my dispute to the CRAs and then update my credit report a few weeks later but still not with accurate info. They are adamant about not removing the account. It's beyond SOL for them to sue me and they are hell bent on making me suffer every moment until it is scheduled to drop off in February 2016. Thanks for your assistance.
  5. They are reporting the payment history and the loan term inaccurately. So, I called EQ and spoke to someone in the Consumer Affairs office. She told me that they (EQ) did not update the account or mark it in dispute but rather that GM Financial did so yesterday. GM Financial has now changed the pay history to match what is on EX but it is still not accurate. The loan term is still showing incorrectly for both reports. I am curious how GM Financial can report the account as accurate from my dispute back in February and tell the CFPB that they are reporting accurately, yet they change the wha
  6. There is a car loan/repo reporting on my EQ and EX reports from December 2009. The loan was originally with Americredit, which they were subsequently purchased by GM Financial sometime in 2010. The accounts have never reported accurately and are different on both reports. The account was deleted from my TU report sometime last year after a dispute. I have disputed multiple times over the last year alone and GM Financial continues to verify the accounts as accurate to the CRA and refuses to update the incorrect information even when I contact them directly. Most recently, I filed a complain
  7. I am going through the exact same thing with Enhanced Recovery. Nearly two years ago they had an account on my report. I sent them a DV and never received a response. In fact, I've never received any mail communication from them. Ever. After I sent the DV, I disputed the account with the CRA and Enhanced Recovery deleted it. Now, they have added the account back to Experian only and changed their account number but it is for the same amount and original creditor. I filed a complaint with the CFPB, the Florida Office of Financial Regulation and the AG in both my state and Florida. I encoura
  8. I've pretty much hit a wall with removing a repossession reporting on my EQ and EX reports and would appreciate any suggestions on next steps. Background: The car was financed through Americredit in 2006. It was repossessed in December 2009. GM Financial purchased Americredit somewhere around the 2010 time frame. Neither Americredit nor GM Financial have tried to sue me. The account shows as scheduled to be removed in February 2016. GM Financial is reporting the repo deficiency on my EQ and EX reports. Last year it was also on TU but it was removed after a dispute. I've gone a few round
  9. I sent the DV in February 2014 and they have called me since then (recently). I have never received anything from them in the mail at any time. They have to mark the account as in dispute on the CR but as I understand it, if I send a dv and subsequently dispute with the CRA, the CA cannot verify it as accurate to the CRA unless they respond to the DV or else they are in violation.
  10. Also, they have verified the account as accurate with Experian after my most recent dispute.
  11. I found a collection on my report back in December 2013. In February 2014, I sent a DV request and disputed it with the CRAs. Later that month, the CA deleted the tradeline from my CR. They never sent an initial communication and never responded to my DV request. Flash forward on March 3, 2015, I had a collection pop up on my CR and it is for the same CA and same account but they have changed their account number. They state that the OC placed the account with them originally in August 2013 and then recalled it in August 2014. They went on to say that the OC placed it with them again on 1
  12. Hello, I have some questions about suing a CA for FCRA/FDCPA violations in small claims. I am in Michigan and my court has a small claims packet which I have completed. I am specifically looking for info on how to outline the violations. Do I simply type up a couple of paragraphs outlining the violations or should I be more formal and use a traditional court format? I have searched a lot through the forums but haven't found much info. All feeback is greatly appreciated.
  13. Just an update on this situation: I want to thank everyone who took the time to respond to my questions and offer feedback. I especially want to thank @bmc100 for his awesome guide.