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  1. True credit snuffed me out. So RayvonTCO has to retire from the board. I've been made. Thanks everyone for everything. I had fun and I also had a brief credit love affair while I was here. Thanks Conner! Check out my post in this thread. http://debt-consolidation-credit-rep...d.php?t=273365
  2. True credit snuffed me out. So RayvonTCO has to retire from the board. I've been made. Thanks everyone for everything. I had fun and I also had a brief credit love affair while I was here. Thanks Conner! Check out my post in this thread. http://debt-consolidation-credit-repair-service.com/forums/showthread.php?t=273365
  3. I think it's true because I just got stung. I can't *b anymore from tc and I will be cancelling it tomorrow. I think they got me. I went from like 25 inqs down to 9. I tried to log on and update as usual and I get a weird msg. I'm done. I think it is bcuz my user name here is so identifiable. So to everybody that doubted this, it happened to me. Come up with a good dl user name. A CIC Warrior has fallen. So no more Rayvontco. Goodbye all it has been a pleasure. Final score FICO eq 718 ex 709 tu 726.......from low 600's in 3/07:)++
  4. Yeah you should be cool. What are your scores now? Do you have any cap one cards? Because it was said that they will start reporting limits in September and it is Sept. so whats up?
  5. Ooohh I like it when you get aggressive! sometimes... I'll have what you expect by 9/5 as commanded. Credit crush? I don't know. But it sure sounds cute and flirty!
  6. That's what I needed. I will draft some today and I will promise to send them by next week. How's that? I have a credit crush on you!
  7. Amerikaner, I thought you were talking about the dates printed on the actual letter. Actual dates of receipt will definitely vary and also the way in which it is received. Electronically or paper. Who knows when they will get it from the company and from the customer. I got u though. Sorry for the confusion.
  8. Let me get this str8. Say a person uses letterhead for a company and uses it to supplement a dispute letter. This letter is a total fabrication. The company in question refused the initial dispute or verified it. The person takes it upon themselves to generate a letter to the contrary of the original dispute with the company. This person sends this letter to the cra. Is this the same as, meaning the penalties are the same if: A company makes a correction or adjustment as a result of the customer requests. The notice or letter the company sends to the cra is incomplete or vague. The customer then takes upon themselves to add a detail to the letter and send it to the cra. 1st scenario: 2yrs in prison 2nd scenario: 2yrs probation but both violations and criminal acts. And oh yeah I do feel you Amerikaner. Thanks for your insight. I will pass this info on to the friend who is actually a friend by the way.
  9. Not exactly, Same date, Same wording with a small added detail, same sent from zip. So to the cra this is a copy of the letter that was sent to my friend. They may say to themselves we just have a different letter. My friend did not ask for something and put somnething different on the letter. For example, friend requested a 30day late removal and really got it from the company. Not like friend sent a whole different letter requesting a deletion. You feel me?
  10. A mortgage company was so kind as to update a 30 day late to paid as agreed. The company sent this notice to all 3 cra so they say. My friend receives a copy of the letter also.... right. But the letter was very vague as to what the correction was. My friend just added the specifics to the letter using the same font and made copies and sent it to all 3....just to expedite the process. Now should my friend be on the lookout for the authoriteeees or is this not so bad?
  11. Would you like to hear the whole story?
  12. Pardon my ignorance. What is CBCS? And what did they delete? What is the status on the other ones? I got some goodwills to send out and a part of my procrastination is I am a little afraid of the outcome. I need a "get it together" motivational speech.
  13. Suppose someone generated a letter with company letterhead correcting some information and sent it to the cra. What's the worst that could happen? Anybody know of anybody who has done this and what were the results? I know someone who has done this and I will keep everyone updated.
  14. What was the account before it was paid as agreed?
  15. Don't worry about it because it's back in the bad section now.
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