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  1. Can anyone tell me about Ocwen Loan Servicing? I have been having the run around with this company for months. They automaically pay property taxes and then charge interest. If I don't pay homeowners insurance on time, they step in an add a homeowner insurance......etc. etc. Feed up and don't know what to do. Now they want to increase my monthly payment over $200. to pay for escrow which is for property taxes, etc. which I did NOT agree to.
  2. Thanks nascar and JodyLive.......my name is Chelsea!!!
  3. Can anyone post a cease and desist letter to send a JDB, to STOP calling me? Debt SOL and 8 yrs old! Tired of all the calls! A BIG THANK-YOU!!
  4. What is something that I don't have???? basil
  5. True: I hope so too!!! TNP: wishes that Spring time was right around the corner!
  6. True: I agree!!!!!!!! TNP: celebrated TOO much over the holidays???
  7. What is a "Summary" Judgment? What happens if a Summary Judgment is granted?? What happens if a Summary Judgment is denied?? What do you do in either case?? Thanks!!!
  8. True: Penn State all the way!!! TNP: has never been to a college football game!
  9. What kind of lights need no electricity? ambush
  10. False: haven't subscibed in ages!! TNP: called off of work "sick"......but wasn't sick at all!!!
  11. True: I love chocolate chip cookies - and I never eat the raw dough. YNP: is going to bake chocolate chip cookies in the near future!
  12. False: Just got out of bed!!! TNP: is hoping Summer never ends!!!
  13. What happens to toothpaste when it is TOO old? wine
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