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  1. thanks for the responses, I appreciate it.
  2. My grandmother died last year and her estate finally closed last week. I got a decent size inheritence. So far I've paid off my student loans, my credit cards, and my car loan. I'm going to have approximently $2000-2500 left of 'found' money. What would be a good short to mid-term investment to make? I consider a short to mid-term as being 6 months - 2 years for the purpose of this question. Are CD's the only viable opition? I've been looking at a few but even on some of the high yield ones I'd only be looking at $5-20 interest given the amounnt I'd be investing and the period of time I'd be
  3. So I’ve decided to try and get a novel published. I have been writing on and off for years mostly for fun, now I’d like to try and do something with it. The age range I am targeting is approximately 10-12. The style of novel I plan on doing (am doing) is similar to that of Matt Christopher. What I am looking for is the steps involved. 1. I know publishers do not generally accept unsolicited manuscripts and I have to go through a literary agent. Where can I find a listing of literary agents and possible ratings? 2. Would it be beneficial to send my material to editors or would they charge
  4. it will have some effect but as long as you have other accounts and good credit elsewhere it won't be that substantial.
  5. are just talking about criminal record? you should be able to go to your state's AG office and get one for $5-10.
  6. sorry. didn't profread. it shoudl've read that sales people will be more inclined to 'make a deal' at the end of the month than the begining or middle of the month since they have quotas to meet.
  7. actually, my town clerk's office offers a free notary service...don't know if its the same everywhere but its worth looking in to.
  8. and when you do go, do it at the end of the month. the salespeople have quotas to meet and will be more inclined to 'make a deal' than the begining or end of the month.
  9. they are a bank in Spain affilated with Sovereign Bank here in the US.
  10. anybody else here of this? i cam accross it today.